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Kyoto is exceptionally rich in beauty, history, spirituality and culture. There are many must-see places in the city as well as exciting cultural experiences available during your stay in Kyoto. We prepare some suggested itinerary for guests to enjoy every essence of Kyoto, its culture and the hotel. Our concierge is also pleased to create customized itinerary and to make arrangements based on personal interests and length of your stay.


3 nights/4 days

  • Enjoy a walk along Kamogawa river and explore the city with a bike
  • Visit must-see temples and discover UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Japanese culinary experience

4 nights/5 days

  • In addition to 3 days itinerary, visit shrines and unique temple to know more about the city
  • Two authentic Japanese culinary experiences – Kaiseki style and Sushi
  • Spa experience to relax after all-day sightseeing

6 nights/7 days

  • In addition to 5 days itinerary, explore Arashiyama area 
  • Three authentic Japanese culinary experience – Kaiseki, Sushi and Tempura or Teppanyaki
  • Deepen your experience in Kyoto by visiting more temples or selecting one of our activity program