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Day 1: Arrival and explore around the hotel


  • Arrive at Kansai International Airport and transfer to the hotel by taxi (approx. 2 hours) or by airport shuttle bus to Kyoto station (approx. 90 minutes) and take a taxi to the hotel (15 minutes). 

  • 3 p.m. Check- in the hotel - warm welcome by Ladies and Gentlemen
    Guest Experience Agents in Kimono assist you with personal in-room checkin while preparing Japanese tea.

  • Stop by concierge desk to get a city map and explore historical district on foot.
    Kamogawa river, Takasegawa river and Kiya-machi are within walking distance from the hotel. Having shopping at Crafts and antique stores in Tera-machi will color your start of stay in Kyoto.


  • Dinner at Kaiseki Mizuki (located on the basement floor of the hotel)
    Enjoy multi-course “Kaiseki” dinners and experience the pinnacle of Japan’s gastronomic art.

Day 2: Visit one of the most famous temples and souvenir shopping


  • Start off a day with a morning walk or bike ride along the Kamogawa river located in front of the hotel. 

  • Enjoy relaxing breakfast – your choice of Japanese traditional breakfast or western buffet.

  • After tasty breakfast, let’s go out for cycling tour (bicycle rentals available through Guest Services) and visit Heian-jingu, one of most popular national heritage in Kyoto.

    Immerse yourself in historical atmosphere. Even if a day is not better for cycling, please do not be disappointed. Variety of our Guest Activity offers you unforgettable time!


  • Visit Kiyomizu Temple, UNESCO World Heritage (approx. 15 minutes by taxi from the hotel)
    Walk up a path called Sannen-zaka to Kiyomizu Temple and find souvenir for your friends


  • Dinner at La Locanda Italian restaurant (located on the 1st floor of the hotel)
    Savor finest Italian cuisine using local ingredients and desserts by Pierre Hermé Paris served in an atmospheric dining space

Day 3: All day sightseeing to discover UNESCO World Heritage sites and pamper yourself at spa after the tour


  • After breakfast, go out for all day sightseeing tour and discover UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    Every temple has different architecture and history - Nijo-jo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion), Ryoanji Temple and Ninnaji Temple. Before end the tour, visit Nishiki Market called “Kitchen of Kyoto” where always bustling with people coming to look, taste and buy the best.


  • Experience luxurious spa treatment at The Ritz-Carlton Spa
    A range of treatments is available including Ryokucha Serenity Ritual - using the health benefits of Green Tea with anti-oxidant properties of leaves from the Uji region of Kyoto. 

  • Dine out for local restaurant – contact concierge for recommendations.
    The hotel is within walking distance of Gion district where you can enjoy Japanese dinner in a traditional Japanese setting.

Day 4: Relax at hotel or enjoy shopping for antique item until departure


  • Join a Morning warm up class or take a dip in the swimming pool to start a day
    The hotel’s spa team will guide you through gentle warm-up session guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed 

  • After breakfast, relax in a room until departure or go out for shopping in Tera-machi Street to buy an antique gift to take back to home with your memories in Kyoto.