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A New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner inspired by the classic Japanese novel

KYOTO, JAPAN, October 17th, 2017 – On December 31st 2017, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto will be celebrating the new year with a brand-new event concept – a Gala Dinner event inspired by the classic Japanese novel The Tale of Genji.  The hotel will also be organizing traditional Japanese new year activities for guests to partake in, including the tradition of eating new year’s toshikoshi soba noodles, and a visit to a local shrine to make their wishes for the new year ahead.  

The Tale of Genji, written by Murasaki Shikibu, is often referred to as “the world’s first novel”, and is loved by many around the world.  The novel depicts life among the Japanese aristocracy in the Heian period (794 to 1185) through the eyes of the story’s hero Hikaru Genji, who experiences a series of romantic entanglements and political power struggles that were typical among the aristocracy at the time.  One of the novel’s most significant literary mechanisms is the way that the characters’ thoughts and emotions are expressed through the description of nature and the changing seasons.

Inspired by this classic Japanese tale, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto will be hosting a very special new year’s eve event, featuring a stunning dinner that reflects the dazzling colors and scenes of The Tale of Genji.  Executive chef Shigeru Murayama has designed a unique menu based on the themes of the four seasons, The Tale of Genji and a jūnihitoe – a highly complex and beautifully elegant style of kimono worn by court-ladies during the Heian period.  The four seasons will be reflected in each dish – a marinated lobster and vegetables with beetroot foam and anchovy sauce will represent spring, a cream of kabu turnip soup, with pan-fried soft roe, persimmon and edible chrysanthemum foam will represent summer.  Fall will be represented by a bouillabaisse with monkfish and vegetables, and winter will be represented by a beef fillet, mushroom and foie gras wrapped in pie pastry, truffle sauce and spiced cauliflower puree.

The dinner experience will be accompanied by a live dramatic and musical performance of The Tale of Genji, performed by actors of various nationalities for a performance that can be universally enjoyed by all guests, with dance, live music, and traditional Japanese instruments such as wadaiko drums and shinobue flute.

Then as the clock gets closer to midnight, the hotel will be ramping up the excitement with a number of traditional Japanese new year’s activities and celebrations.  From 10:30pm toshikoshi soba noodles, which Japanese traditionally eat at new year to symbolize the letting go of the hardships of the previous year, will be served in the foyer.  Then at 23:30 Banquet Hall Takane will open for a lively countdown party hosted by DJ Masato Ogawa to lead into the countdown.  Once the new year has been celebrated, The Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, will be on hand to guide staying guests to a shrine just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, where guests can make wishes for the new year ahead; a custom known as hatsumode.

With The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto’s The Tale of Genji Gala Dinner event and countdown party, guests are invited to come and start a new chapter in their lives for the new year, similar to the beautiful stories told in the novel itself.

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto’s New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner The Tale of Genji
Time and Date:              December 31st 2017, doors open at 19:00, starts at 19:30
Venue:                           Banquet Hall “Takane” (B2F), The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto
Details:                          Dinner by executive chef Shigeru Murayama
                                         (please refer to the menu detailed below)
                                         Performance of The Tale of Genji

Event fees:                 
For staying guests:          Gala Dinner                   40,000 yen per person (excl. tax and service charge)
                                        Countdown Party           12,000 yen per person (excl. tax and service charge)

For visiting guests:         Gala Dinner                   42,000 yen per person (excl. tax and service charge)
                                        Countdown Party            15,000 yen per person (excl. tax and service charge)

※Dress code: black-tie and evening dress, etc.
※Event fees will be charged at a rate of 50% for children 12 years old and under
※Images are for illustration purposes only

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto New Year 2-Night Stay Plan

Available from: 429,000 yen for 2 people
Available dates: Check-in on December 30th and check out on January 1st , or check-in on December 31st and check out on January 2nd

Includes:           Gala Dinner, Countdown Party and breakfast each day including traditional Japanese osechi breakfast on January 1st

For reservations and enquiries:
Tel: +81-(0)75-746-5511 (9:00 - 18:00)

Attachment: The Tale of Genji Gala Dinner Menu:
The Tale of Genji, Junihitoe, The Four Seasons

Foie Gras Confit with Apple Compote
(黒い石 ハスの葉 )

Snow Crab and Sakekasu Cream with Salmon Roe
ズワイ蟹と酒粕のクリーム イクラ添え

Marinated Lobster and Vegetables with Beetroom Foam and Anchovy Sauce
カナダ産オマール海老と可愛らしい野菜 ビーツのフォームとアンチョビのアクセント

Turnip Cream Soup, Pan-fried Soft Roe and Persimmon with Edible Chrysanthemum Foam
聖護院かぶらのクリームスープ雲子のムニエルと柿 春菊風味のカプチーノ

Monkfish and Vegetables
鮟鱇と彩り野菜の包み焼き ブイヤベース仕立て

Pear and Japanese Sake Granité

Beef Fillet, Mushroom and Foie Gras Wrapped in Pie Pastry
Truffle Sauce and Spiced Cauliflower Puree

Infiniment Chocolat shortbread biscuits, Madagascan vanilla granite,
dark chocolate whipped cream, Belize chocolat sorbet, dark chocolate
サブレショコラ バニラ風味グラニテ クレームシャンティーショコラ ソルベショコベリーズ ショコラノワール

Petits Fours

Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea