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Famous Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots to Enjoy the Unique Osaka Scenery

With over 1,400 years of history and having prospered as one of Japan’s forerunner cities, Osaka is where visitors can appreciate some of the city’s most important Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines as well as the unique culture. Here, we highlight some of the best places to visit during the cherry blossom season.

Osaka Castle Park

2.9 miles / 4.7 km / 28 minutes by train.
Osaka Castle Park is one of the best places to see the cherry blossoms in the Kansai region with about 3,000 cherry trees in full bloom. It is a large park with the imposing Osaka Castle at its heart boasting more than 400 years of history, surrounded by a moat, Japanese gardens, a music hall and a baseball stadium.
With a deep sense of history and a collection of modern buildings around the park, the scenery here, unique to Osaka, is truly a must-see.
The best time to come and see is from the end of March through to the beginning of April.

Kema Sakuranomiya Park

1.9 miles / 3.1 km / 4 minutes by train and 14 minutes’ walk.
Cruises where visitors can enjoy the sights of the cherry blossom from the river are popular in Osaka, known as the city of water for its many large and small rivers. More specifically, there is a park stretching about 4.2 km along the Okawa River from Kema to Tenmabashi with a series of cherry blossom trees lining the way. The cruises are expected to be popular so be sure to make a booking in advance.
The best time to come and see is from the end of March through to the beginning of April.

Cherry Blossom Walk Through the Grounds of the Osaka Mint Bureau

2.0 miles / 3.2 km / 4 minutes by train and 8 minutes’ walk.
Every year during the cherry blossom season, the Osaka Mint Bureau is open to the public enabling vistors to enjoy the cherry blossom trees lining the street from the South Gate to the North Gate on the grounds of the bureau. Approximately 350 cherry trees can be seen in all their magnificent glory. This special feature of Osaka in the spring has been loved for more than 130 years.
Due to the mostly late blooming varieties of flower with gorgeous clusters of petals, the walk is open to the public in mid-April each year.

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A Taste of Spring

Sakura Afternoon Tea
Enjoy a spring menu of sweets and savories inspired by cherry blossom such as Sakura mochi and Sakura panna cotta in The Lobby Lounge with the glorious spring weather shining in.

Japanese Restaurant Hanagatami – Mountain Vegetables of Spring Menu
The tempura, finely cooked on account of the residual heat from the oil, with its light and crispy thin coating, gently releases its soft, full flavors. Enjoy the rich, flavorsome fruits of the earth, such as fatsia sprouts and ostrich ferns.

Japanese Restaurant Hanagatami - Spring Kaiseki Menu
Kaiseki cuisine beautifully expresses the transition of the four seasons on the plate from early harvested delicacies through to seasonal and late season delights. A host of delicious seasonal flavors, such as grilled Yonezawa beef wrapped in the leaves of the cherry tree, bring forth spring to the senses.