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OSAKA, June 1- 2017: The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka is pleased to announce a new “Garden of Versailles” –themed afternoon buffet from June 19th to September 3rd, at Italian restaurant Splendido, overseen by award-winning chef Oriana Tirabassi. Guests are invited to experience the majestic world of Versailles with over 50 kinds of sweets, snacks and drinks inspired by the court’s most iconic figures, such as Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

◆Stunning displays in the image of the Garden of Versailles
As guests step into the restaurant, they are immediately transported to the world of Versailles with exquisite displays of green hedges, fountains and roses, all beautifully crafted out of sugar. The garden scenery also includes fountains made of dark chocolate and green tea chocolate, seamlessly blending the buffet`s sweets into the magical landscape.

◆A variety of sweets and savories inspired by the icons of the Versailles Court
The delectable feast on offer includes sweets and savories inspired by the figures of the Versailles Court, such as a Marie Antoinette-inspired Charlotte Cake with Muscat and gold leaf, biscuit, and lemonade. Also it is said that she loved hot chocolate with vanilla, almond milk or a dash of orange flower water, and so Chef Oriana has recreated these drinks to bring guests an interesting twist on the classic hot chocolate.

The menu also features a delicious range of inspired savories, such as Galantine of Chicken with black charcoal bread and lobster jelly, and a Green Peas Salad, inspired by the table of Louis XIV, who was famous for being a keen gastronomist.

The beautiful garden display also features a vegetable allotment, decorated with real vegetables and edible flowers that appear as if they are really growing, and guests are welcome to pick them as if they are harvesting in the gardens of Versailles.

The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka is proud to present this unique and inventive afternoon buffet featuring historically-inspired dishes with a modern twist in a recreation of the court of Versailles, often said to represent one of the most splendid eras in French history.

Afternoon buffet “Garden of Versailles”

Period: Monday June 19th to Sunday September 3rd, every day 14:30 - 18:00 (90 minutes)
Price: Adults 4,900 yen, Children (age 6 to 12):  2,450 yen (incl. tax and excl. service charge)
*Service charge: 13% June 19th to June 30th; 15% from July 1st to September 3rd
Venue: Italian restaurant Splendido, 1st floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka
Reservations: Tel: 06-6343-7020, Website: