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OSAKA, January 24, 2017 – This year The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka is presenting a romantic and glamorous Valentine’s Day guaranteed to leave you with many happy memories, with a special menu that includes beautiful jewel-like chocolates, a gorgeously decadent dinner and a delicious chocolate-scented cocktail.

At the Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Shop, award-winning patissier Masatada Hosokawa is presenting his own original collection of Décollage chocolates conjured up specially for Valentine’s Day. The collection includes a whole host of delectable flavor combinations complete with the most delicate textures and fruity afternotes – making them a perfect Valentine’s gift for a special someone, or alternatively enjoy them as a gift to yourself.

For a romantic French Valentine’s dinner, the chefs at our French restaurant La Baie are creating an original dinner menu designed to stun all delight all five senses using traditional French cooking techniques.  Each dish overflows with the chefs’ originality and creativity to create an unforgettable dining experience.

With an atmosphere inspired by the artistically beautiful holiday villas of Tuscany, our Italian restaurant Splendido offers authentic Italian cuisine in a casual and stylish setting.  For Valentine’s Day  our chefs will be serving a special Valentine dinner course menu with an essence that is both traditional and contemporary, which can be enjoyed with the finest wines from our extensive wine list for a blissful Italian dining experience.

The Bar, with its chic atmosphere and richly-decorated interior, is the perfect place to spend an intimate evening, listening to live jazz performances while sipping on our special “Lovin’you” Valentine’s cocktail.

Valentine Sweets Collection (the Gourmet Shop on the 1st Floor)

Reservation Period:     January 13, 2017(Fri.) ~ February 7, 2017 (Tue.)

Sale Period:                 January 20, 2017 (Fri.) ~ February 14, 2017 (Tue.)

DÉCOLLAGE 5,500yen(incl. tax)

Crafted by award-winning patissier Masatada Hosokawa, the Décollage collection includes beautiful jewel-like chocolates with a whole host of delectable flavor combinations, the most delicate textures and fruity afternotes.

BLONDE CHOCOLATE CAVIAR  1,800yen(incl. tax)

A small bottle filled with Lion-shaped chocolates and blonde pearl chocolates. The smooth caramel-like blonde chocolate and crunchy cereal texture gives this product a unique charm.


S 3,000yen/L 4,500yen(

A special Valentine chocolate engraved with the message “Open your heart”. Inside a glossy, red, heart-shaped box complete with a cute key, you’ll find beautiful chocolates waiting to melt your heart.

French Restaurant La Baie (5F)

February 10, 2017 (Fri.) to February 14, 2017 (Tue.) 5:30 p.m. ~ 9:30 p.m.

Valentine Dinner course 20,000yen per person (incl. Tax and exc. 13%service fee)

Italian Restaurant Splendido(1F)

February 10, 2017 (Fri.) to February 14, 2017 (Tue.) 5:30 p.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.

Valentine Dinner course 15,000yen per person (incl. Tax and exc. 13%service fee)

The Bar(5F)

February 10, 2017 (Fri.) to February 14, 2017 (Tue.) 5:00 p.m. ~ 12:00 a.m.

“Lovin’ you” Valentine Cocktail: 2,000yen per person (incl. Tax and exc. 13%service fee)