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Explore Tokyo - the modern capital that features cosmopolitan nightlife, incredible entertainment and modern Japanese culture. Immerse in local culture and partake in hotel’s customized art of Japanese arts of the crafts.

Enrich your experience by allowing us to bring you to Tokyo’s unique experiences through customized tours curated by our own experts. A selection of unique activities have been carefully crafted for you to explore, including a guided tour of Tsukiji fish market, Sumo Stables, Bonsai discovery, spiritual walk in the Japanese shrines and gardens, exploration of the technology and art museums, and not to be missed the infamous shopping retreat and discovery of Japan’s popular Pop Culture.

A visit behind the “Grand Fight” – Sumo wrestlers’ morning training tour 

Available based on Sumo competition calendar 

Guided by our Experience Curator, the tour will take you up-close and personal with the Rikishis (Sumo wrestlers) while they carry their morning trainings, warming up for the national Sumo competitions in Tokyo.

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“Gone Fishing” - Visit one of the world’s largest Fish Markets 

Our Experience Curator and fish expert will personally guide you to explore the fascinating Tsukiji Fish Market. The tour will also take you to sample fresh seafood at the local selected restaurant.

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Spiritual walk along Tokyo’s most peaceful gardens and Shrines

Our Experience Curator will craft a unique tour experience, taking guests to reveal the fascinating history behind the Japanese shrines, religious rituals, Buddhist temples and lush gardens.  

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A discovery of Japan’s Pop Culture and a Retail Therapy 

Our Tokyo Shopping Expert will take you to Harajuku and Shibuya, Tokyo’s popular shopping paradises and the epicenters of Japanese Pop Culture.

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Exploration of Japanese Technology and Animations 

Join our Experience Curator as he will take you to travel back to the history of Japanese Technology and Evolution by visiting The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation “Miraikan”, The Anime Art Museum, and Akihabara “Electric Town”.

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Exploration of Tokyo Art Museums Tour and the Roppongi Triangle Art 

Guided by our Experience Curator, we will take you to a personalized tour dedicated to visit Tokyo’s most famous art galleries and museums.

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A journey through Japanese Whisky 

Join our whisky expert as he takes you to uncover the art of enjoying Japanese whisky and to explore the wide variety of premium Japanese whisky. The experience will also include a whisky-based cocktail making class by our award winning cocktail craftsmen.

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Mastering the art of Cultivating Bonsai at The Seikouen Bonsai School 

Join our Bonsai Curator and learn the art of appreciating the aesthetic of Bonsai at The Seikouen Bonsai School. Guests will be invited to learn about the basic of cultivating Bonsai with different techniques such as shaping, cutting, layering and grafting.

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