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Mastering the art of Cultivating Bonsai at The Seikouen Bonsai School 

The cultivation of Bonsai, which translates literally as 'plant in a tray', is a truly satisfying hobby and combines both horticulture and art, creating trees that are often referred to as 'living sculptures'. 

Join our Bonsai Curator and learn the art of appreciating the aesthetic of Bonsai at The Seikouen Bonsai School. Guests will be invited to learn about the basic of cultivating Bonsai with different techniques such as shaping, cutting, layering and grafting. 

Did you know that Bonsai trees are often thought to have originated from Japan, but records over 2,000 years old show trees being grown in China? Around 1,500 years ago, trees, many of which would have been collected from mountainous regions, were first grown as individual specimens and these can be seen clearly on ancient Chinese line drawings. Several centuries later the Japanese began growing and training trees in pots and have developed the hobby to its current level. 

*All activities are exclusively crafted only for guests staying at The Ritz‐Carlton, Tokyo.