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Tables lined up along floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Tokyo in Hinokizaka with a chef working at the far end
Hinokizaka-Sushi Restaurant and View
As the only Japanese restaurant in a hotel to earn a coveted Michelin star, Hinokizaka captures the essence of the national cuisine.
Reddish lacquered tray with sushi, ginger, garnish and roe
Sushi on a Red Tray
Choose from a set or a la carte sushi menu when dining at Hinokizaka, where the Tsukiji market’s finest fish receives careful preparation.

Hinokizaka‐Sushi serves you exceptional dining experience of “edomae style” of sushi, which is essentially a combination of highly selected fresh raw fish from Tsukiji market and cooked rice that is seasoned with rice vinegar. 

The interior of the sushi area is featured by a Japanese lacquer coated counter table and Japanese Edo‐kiriko glass illumination lamp which represent the combination of modern and tradition. 

Hinokizaka-Sushi Seating: 12 

Reservation & Inquiries 
Phone: +81-3-6434-8711 
Restaurant Sales: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily