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TOKYO, JAPAN – The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo has appointed Keisuke Kimura as Chef de Cuisine-Tempura, joining the team of well-recognized Japanese Restaurant, Hinokizaka.

Born in Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture, Chef Kimura has dedicated his life to pursue his career in the world of Japanese cuisine. During his tenure working with several authentic Japanese restaurants, he had gained distinctive skills in cooking and preparing Japanese dishes including tempura and soba.

Chef Kimura’s experience also include working as a server in a hotel for several years, allowing him to interact and connect directly with guests, which later becomes one of his passions apart from cooking. Pursuing his dream, he decided to take three years apprenticeship in a Tempura restaurant in Yokohama learning directly from the head chef.

“Tempura, in theory, is such a simple dish – it’s about coating and frying ingredients – but it is from the simplicity is where I get the opportunity to highlight the quality of the ingredients and the cooking techniques to our guests. Through learning from the experts on how to make Tempura, I am dedicated to showcase the true value of Japanese cuisine, and I would like to present that unique dining experience to our guests that will also enjoy Japanese omotenashi (hospitality)”, expressed Chef Kimura.

At Hinokizaka - Tempura, our carefully curated menus compliment specialty fares including the Kakiage tempura, a delectable dish skilfully prepared using only prawn. Dishes can also be tailored to please any palate, cooked into perfection using the freshest and finest produce, highlighting a unique source-to-table dining experience.