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March 31 – April 28, 2017 at The Bar

Our cocktail craftsmen have put together a special recipe to mix a unique cocktail that unites the best flavors from Japan and Europe. Drawing inspiration from “East Meets West” concept that illustrates Tokyo’s fascinating personalities, “Neo Tokyo” cocktail is also created as an appreciation to Japan’s famous home beverages and seasonal produce.

The exquisite cocktail is based with unique Gin that is made in Kyoto, carefully infused with Japanese beverages ingredients such as Yuzu, Gyokuro tea, Hinoki, Sansho and many more.  “Neo Tokyo” also celebrates the distinguished flavors of Uji green tea syrup, Amazake (non-alcoholic fermented rice), and green Chartreuse from the French Alps and Champagne.

Price: JPY 6,000

The above price are subject to tax and service charge