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September was marked by the reopening of VISTA, a restaurant with an incredible view of the spectacular Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, located on the 30th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty, a hotel that reflects the modern image of a once nomadic state. The new menu was presented through a charity dinner, where city celebrities served as waiters for one evening, presenting the restaurant’s new specialties to guests.

The Ritz-Carlton, having built a legacy of unsurpassed service, also seeks to inspire and influence the lives of others through the Community Footprints global program. Community Footprints is a strategy of social and environmental responsibility, reflected in the hotel’s service, long-term plans and business operations. Working in such areas as children’s welfare, environmental responsibility and fighting hunger and poverty, The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty strives to leave a mark in the hearts of not only guests of the hotel, but also local communities. This charity evening involving Almaty celebrities raised 642,517.5 tenge, including tips earned by the famous waiters. These tips, plus 15% of each visitor’s bill, will be transferred to the Mercy charity foundation.

The main courses of the evening were parmesan tagliatelle with truffle pesto and lemon risotto with asparagus and prawns. The dinner combined both a social event and the opportunity to help children in need. Now guests can also try other new dishes cooked in line with the finest Italian traditions: tuna carpaccio, linguine alle vongole, orata al forno and panna cotta.

Special dishes are served directly from a large head of fresh Italian cheese, adding a unique flavor to dishes. The menu also offers traditional delicacies from the chef that our frequent guests will already be familiar with: fried scallops and shrimp with fennel confit and candied lemon, minestrone with pesto, five types of pizza and the famous Ritz-Carlton chocolate cake are available this season. For those who want to become better acquainted with Kazakh cuisine, VISTA restaurant will offer national delicacies ranging from zhaya to kazy. All of this, combined with the famous Kazakh hospitality, will give guests an unforgettable experience and fond memories.

About the Community Footprints program
Community Footprints is a strategy of social and environmental responsibility, reflected in hotel service, long-term plans and business operations. The logo of the program, consisting of footprints in the shape of a heart, symbolizes the commitment of The Ritz-Carlton employees to local communities. The program operates in three areas: child welfare, environmental responsibility and tackling hunger and poverty.