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The land at the crossroads of Europe and Asia is rich with history and interlinked with nomadic cultures all of which are reflected today in the modern city of Almaty. The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty embodies this image not only through its modern hospitality services and architecture but also through its unbreakable bond with Kazakh traditions, reflected in the hotel’s interior and the hospitality of its personnel.

The image of a horse, which is present in multiple paintings and sculptures in the hotel, is a reminder of the nomadic past of Kazakh culture and the vast steppes. For guests keen to find out more about the ancient nomadic culture, the hotel’s Ladies and Gentlemen will be only too pleased to tell the story of the Tamgaly Gorge located 170 km from the city. They can also organize an excursion to this incredible historical site that comprises 2,000 rock carvings that range from individual to group carvings and depict hunting scenes. The Tamgaly rock carvings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting tourists as the oldest and most interesting example of stone carving artwork.

Kazakh ornaments were also born out of ancient traditions and served as amulets against evil forces and symbols of luck and happiness. Their symmetry is related to the ideas of the beauty and harmony they bring to the item. The entirety of The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty hotel is filled with such elements, for example on the walls of the LT Bar and Grill restaurant. The vertical design of these ornaments represents the movement of the energy of fire, striving upwards. The spiral-shaped elements seen in many Kazakh ornaments are associated with movement, development and rising power.

Another distinctive feature of the Kazakh people that hails from ancient times is hospitality. For example, it is the obligation of the host and hostess to welcome a guest hospitably and feed them.Kazakh cuisine has always been famous for the diversity meat dishes and the LT Bar and Grill restaurant is also famed for this, with steaks available in six different levels of doneness. For business travelers, the hotel is also happy to offer lunch and coffee break options that are rich with traditional Kazakh meat dishes such as kazy, zhaya or beshbarmak.

Kazakh hosts have always endeavored to ensure that their guests leave in a great frame of mind, something The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty, also firmly believes in. There was a belief that if a guest leaves the house in low spirits, then they also take away the home’s happiness. This is a guiding principle for the hotel’s Ladies and Gentlemen who anticipate guests’ wishes and make their stay in the hotel as comfortable as possible.