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Kazakhstan, which lies at the crossroads of European and Asian cultures, is renowned not only for its pristine landscapes but also for its recreational activities. The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty cordially invites guests to enjoy the unique delights of Almaty and relax in an atmosphere of ease and comfort in its restaurant atop one of the city’s tallest buildings.

From the earliest days, the horse has played an important role in the life of nomads. Among the Kazakh people, playing games riding on horseback is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Kazakh culture. The most famous game is Kokpar where riders have to show not only the strength and ability to stay in the saddle, but dexterity and endurance as they battle it out for a goatskin trophy. Another horse game is Kumys Alu, in which horsemen pick up coins wrapped in a sack from the ground at full speed.

Yet for lovers of speed and adrenaline, the most popular horse game is Bayga, long distance horse riding, which requires stamina from both the horse and the horseman. There are several equestrian clubs in Almaty, such as Altyn Thai, which together with the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty is pleased to help rent a horse, hold a training session and even arrange an amateur competition among friends. And just one and half hour’s drive from the hotel is the Huns recreation center, decorated in traditional style, where guests can enjoy horseback riding lessons, horse shows and a Kokpar game for some 20-30 participants.

For winter sports enthusiasts eager to get their adrenaline fix, the undisputed number one choice is the Shymbulak ski resort, where hundreds of fans of skiing and snowboarding gather. The Kazakh Alpin Club operating at the resort offers extreme tours on buggies, paragliding and hiking ascents. A special service, which is offered by the hotel as part of the Shymbulak Slopes ski butler accommodation package, is a  butler who can assist in planning an event and advise on outfits for hotel guests, give recommendations on the best slopes and can even accompany guests on their trip. The package also includes a two-night stay in a deluxe room, breakfasts in the VISTA restaurant and a shuttle service to the Medeo mountain skating rink.

It is great to relax after such an eventful day in one of the hotel’s facilities located on the 28th and 30th floors. The VISTA restaurant serves Kazakh cuisine for real nomads: kazy and beshbarmak are served every day during lunch. LT Bar and Grill, which is famous for its variety of meat dishes, will be pleased to offer guests a steak of varying degrees of doneness from Laurent Tourondel to help guests recover and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. There is also a separate VIP zone for 20 people away from the main hall, for noisier celebrations in the heart of Central Asia.