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Every year from May till November, female turtles haul themselves from the sea and crawl away from the shoreline to find a convenient place to lay her eggs. She digs a deep hole using her hind flappers and lays the eggs, she then buries them and returns to the ocean. As part of our Turtle Guardian Program we move the eggs to the Turtle Camp, a safe nest, guarded away from their predators. Because of the vulnerability of the eggs, only hotel personnel is allowed to handle the eggs, however guests are welcome to watch respectfully and take flash-free photos. 

Two months after the eggs were laid, every hatchling emerges during a short period of time. They burrow their way to the surface and kick off the last of their encrusted shells. Our Turtle Guarding Volunteers assist the baby turtles by releasing them at dawn on the day they were born. Guests may partake in this experience by helping the resort’s volunteers release the newly-born turtles into their new home, the ocean.