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Cairo, Egypt; January 2017: The capital’s newest cosmopolitan destination has finally opened its door to welcome Egypt’s top movers and shakers. Nox is the new gem located on top of the historical Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo. The top-notch destination is set to become an important attractor of those who seek good music, food and company. The one of a kind restaurant, lounge and bar offers a cosmopolitan dining experience that is tailored to equally satisfy party goers and quality seekers.

Throughout the day, Nox combines different mood and aesthetics between a relaxing lounge, sophisticated restaurant and vibrant bar. Days and nights are more than expected to move within the panoramic walls of Nox. 

Meanwhile, it is a known fact that food can make or break the atmosphere in a matter of seconds. Accordingly, the selected chefs are always keen to pamper the guests with an international menu. Each food item is carefully picked to complete a cohesive list of global delicacies. Every item is guaranteed to instantly transport the eater right to the farthest destinations on earth.

On the other hand, Nox also promises a regular parade of exquisite entertainment. Belly dancers, DJ’s and even international performances have already been scheduled to entertain the crowd sooner than later. With that said, the urban destination is literally located on top of Cairo. The glass wall offers a panoramic view, which can effortlessly create the kind of instagramable moments that social-media fanatics continuously seek. It is safe to say that Nox is not a place to be missed!

For more information and reservations, please contact 002 (02) 25778899.