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Cairo, Egypt; July 2017: The trend for ultra-pizzas has spread throughout Cairo and with a growing number of pizza makers, Vivo’s famous Italian Chef Carmine is pushing beyond that, taking the lead from 2-Michelin starred Chef Oliver Glowig and his home country Rome; he strives to make the best quality pizza there can be.

On Tuesday 1st of August, the Italian restaurant ‘Vivo’ invites you to the exciting and creative gourmet pizza menu which consists of a great selection of unique & innovative gourmet topping combinations for all those pizza lovers looking for that extra special taste experience. With so many different styles to sample you will surely find a variety of gourmet pizzas from the classic to more unusual creations that are certain to tempt you.

Vivo’s gourmet pizza is finally heating up like a wood burning stove. Our culinary team are perfecting the basics, and elevating the typical Italian recipes to a true gourmet standard, accompanying their thin dough with the best tomato sauce, cheeses and tantalizing toppings, just to provide the best gourmet pizza in Cairo.

For Italians, a good meal is not solely about delectable dishes. Taste goes hand in hand with creating the right setting to indulge in both. The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo is blessed to have the perfect place to share special moments with friends and family overlooking endless views of the Nile.

For more information and reservations, please contact 002 (02) 25778899.