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How can I make a reservation?
Reservations may be made by calling 914.467.5888 or by requesting a service online.

When should I arrive?
For your enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment. This will allow you to relax in our lounges, saunas and steam rooms.

Should I shave before a treatment?
Shaving is recommended but not necessary for men prior to a facial. If you do choose to shave prior to your facial, be sure to do so at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Shaving is not recommended prior to any body treatments or hair removal services.

Should I wax, shave, laser or use the sauna or steam room before a body scrub or peel?
To achieve the utmost satisfaction and comfort from your service, we ask that you wait at least 8 hours before and after the Spa service to wax, shave or use the sauna or steam room; and wait at least 24 hours before and after a laser treatment. In addition, we recommend that you limit your sun exposure before and after the facial or body peel treatment.

What should I wear during my treatment?
Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. However, please wear whatever is comfortable for you. During all treatments, the body is fully draped, except for the area being worked on. Robes and slippers are provided. Lockers are available for your personal items.

What about my jewelry and valuables?
Lockers are available for personal items, however if you are a guest of the hotel, it is recommended you leave valuable items in the safe in your guest room. Cell phones and pagers should be turned off in the Spa.

Who can guide me in choosing my treatments?
Spa services should be scheduled in advance. The Spa Reservations Department can help plan your spa experience, including the best order of treatments.  If you prefer a male or female therapist, please make your request when scheduling your treatment. We will always try to accommodate your personal preferences based on our daily schedule.

What about my comfort?
Your Spa experience is your time, and you should delight in it to the fullest. If you experience discomfort due to room temperature, massage pressure, music volume or any other conditions, please notify your therapist immediately.

May I enjoy Food & Beverage within the Spa? 
Guests are prohibited from bringing any food or alcohol into the spa. Please inquire with our spa attendants regarding food and beverage menu options available inside The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Westchester. Please note that for the safety of our guests, we do not permit any glass containers or food inside our locker rooms.

What if I have special health considerations?
When making reservations please notify the agent if you have high blood pressure, allergies, physical ailments or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. There are a few services that should be avoided during pregnancy, but many can be enjoyed.

What if I am pregnant?
While there are a few services that should be avoided during pregnancy, there are many beneficial treatments that can be enjoyed. Please notify our Spa reservation agents if you are pregnant when you make your appointments so that they can offer guidance. For our Naturally Nurtured Pre-Natal Massage, guests must be out of their 1st Trimester.

Is there a minimum age for treatments?
Guests of The Spa and Fitness Center must be at least 18 years of age. Salon services are available for guests of all ages. Please also take note that the Relaxation Lounge area is available for use by adults, 18 or older.  

What is the cancellation policy?
If you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify the Spa 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full service fee. Cancellations of packages or private parties require one week’s notice. Groups are subject to a four-week cancellation policy. Changes made on the day of the appointment will be subject to a $45 fee.

What if I am late for my appointment?
To enhance your Spa experience, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment. This will allow time to relax in the lounges, saunas, and steam rooms. Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, thus lessoning the effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so the next guest will not be delayed. The full value of your treatment will be charged.

What about payment for Spa services?
All major credit cards and travelers checks are accepted. You may also charge Spa services to your hotel bill.

What about gratuities?
For your convenience, a 20% service charge will be added for each Spa service as a gratuity. Gratuities are dispersed in their entirety to the Spa staff members that served you during your visit. Additional gratuities are at your discretion.

What is the entrance fee?
Spa facilities, including locker rooms, wet lounges and relaxation areas are available for a $50 daily fee Tuesday – Friday, based on availability. This fee is waived with the purchase of a massage or facial service.

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