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Through exploration and active study, each unique program strives to foster a greater understanding of local habitats and their connection to the larger global system. Explore our exciting eco-adventures designed for Adults and Youths ages 9 and up.

  • Coral Reefs – Cities Under the Sea
    Explore the living communities of fish, coral and algae as our naturalists guide you on an interpretive and exciting snorkel excursion. Capture these images with underwater digital cameras and create memories to last a lifetime.[Aquatic]
  • Reef Adaptations
    The reef holds much more than coral and fish! This snorkel excursion will explore plants, algae and invertebrates. We will explore how they are adapted to their environment and ecologically connected to each other, how all communities are connected, and the connections between land and sea.[Aquatic]
  • Fish Form and Function
    Are all fish really the same? Jump in to this snorkel fun and explore why fish look so different and how those differences reflect something about their lives. We explore why fish are shaped and colored as they are, discovering that there is very sophisticated design behind what we consider weird body shapes and color patterns.[Aquatic]
  • Ocean Kayak and Snorkel Adventure
    Sardine Bay provides endless opportunities to learn about Puerto Rico’s many ecosystems. Through a combo-kayak and snorkel excursion, we’ll explore the bay, including how weather, waves, geology of the mountains inland, the sea grass beds and the coastal plain converge to give us Sardine Bay with its rich biota and productivity. [Aquatic]
  • Take Pictures, Leave Bubbles
    Learn how to use digital cameras with waterproof housings to capture your view of the underwater world. Once we return from our underwater adventure, digitally enhance your favorite shots and use them to create a moving slideshow to take back home. [Aquatic]
  • Night Life on the Reef
    With flashlights and trained Naturalists, we take the curious and adventurous on an excursion of a lifetime to discover the fascinating world of the reef at night. Previous snorkeling experience required. [Aquatic]
  • Forest Pterocarp Eco Hike
    Explore the unique Pterocarp wetland ecosystem, host to a great variety of species, each with interesting adaptations that enable them to survive in a complex community. In the Ambassadors Center we introduce the differences between reptiles and amphibians and native versus invasive species through the use of slideshows and critter cards. On the hike, we engage in a scavenger hunt, several interactive discussions, and challenge activities. [Terrestrial]
  • For the Birds - Survey
    Become an ornithologist and discover the many bird species that make this property their home. We’ll learn about birds – biology, adaptations, and even do a bird census / monitoring survey. We will differentiate resident bird species from those who migrate thousands of miles to visit Puerto Rico. [Terrestrial] 
  • Living Green I
    Through a treasure hunt that leads through the Ambassadors Center, see what makes this a LEED Platinum certified. Next, each guest will select his or her favorite green building element and then the group will discuss it. Through fun activities, guests will learn to apply what they have discovered about sustainability in homes and at school. [Environmental Responsibility]
  • Living Green II
    What does it mean to ‘live green’? Through activities and experiments showing the value of water and energy conservation, renewable energy, reducing waste, guests will learn about their ecological footprint. Guests will design a sustainable community, design an eco-home and build a solar oven. [Environmental Responsibility]

Guests 4-16 can join us daily for lunch and dinner. Meals can be pre-selected upon program check-in and will be billed to the guest. $30 USD will be charged per meal per child for supervision.

Extended hours of supervision are available at a charge of $30 USD per hour (or part thereof) per person.