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Explore our exciting eco-adventures designed for kids between the ages of 4 to 8. Through exploration and active study, each unique program strives to foster a greater understanding of local habitats and their connection to the larger global system.

  • Coral Reefs – Cities Under the Sea
    Ever wonder what is a coral reef? Is it a plant or an animal or both? Through games, multi-media, and crafts, explore the magical ecosystem known as the “City Under The Sea.”[Aquatic]
  • Fish Form and Function
    Fish come in all shapes and sizes. Through a variety of activities, we’ll learn how to better understand a bit more about a fish through its body shape. [Aquatic]
  • Wonders of Water
    Water truly is unique! It is what makes planet Earth different than other planets! What makes water so special? Join the adventure to learn more! [Aquatic]
  • Gardening Gurus
    Come dig in and explore everything plants have to offer. Join us as we plant seeds in the organic garden or native vegetation plot, harvest herbs, fruits and veggies for a snack or for organic cooking, and understand what compost is! We learn about the plants the Taíno farmed and used for medicine.[Environmental Responsibility]
  • Fun in the Sun
    The sun is the closest star to Earth and the center of our solar system. We learn to use the sun to our advantage as we create our own food, power, and crafts using the sun’s endless energy. [Environmental Responsibility]
  • Creatures of the Night
    We experience the heightened sensory awareness that comes from being outdoors at night, including sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and intuition. We watch and learn how other species far surpass our limited abilities to function in the dark and become entranced by this other-world of mystery and beauty when the sun is down. [Terrestrial]
  • Be An Archaeologist For A Day
    Learn and experience what it is like to be an archaeologist. After using discussions and games to explain what archaeology is, what methods archaeologists use, and who the Taíno were, guests will engage in a simulated “dig” and visit the Taíno museum on property. [Cultural]
  • Taino Arts and Crafts
    With a focus on the art, music, dance, and belief system of the Taíno, guests will complete a series of arts and craft projects that imitate Taíno crafts. We’ll learn about the Taíno lifestyle and interaction with their natural environment. We close with a reflection on how a spiritual connection to nature results in respect for it and ultimately good stewardship. [Cultural]
  • Pictures in the Sky
    Discovering the constellations in the night sky instantly connects us with the history of our species, through the myths and legends that have been constructed around them. A closer look through our telescope at these glowing balls of gas helps us understand what stars really are. [Terrestrial]
  • Kitchen-EcoChefs
    Explore our Chef’s Garden. Learn about organic practices and discover vegetables, herbs and fruits. Create tasty snacks using our solar ovens while learning about how food affects our health and our world.[Environmental Responsibility]
  • From Junk to Funk
    Using recycled materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, this “eco-art” activity helps us better understand how nature recycles and reuses everything. We also discuss how human consumption and waste can affect nature.[Environmental Responsibility]
  • Living Green I
    Through a treasure hunt that leads through the Ambassadors center, see what makes this LEED® Platinum certified. Next, each guest will select his or her favorite green building element and then the group will discuss it. Through fun activities, guests will learn to apply what they have discovered about sustainability in homes and at school. [Environmental Responsibility]
  • Living Green II
    What does it mean to ‘live green’? Through activities and experiments showing the value of water and energy conservation, renewable energy, reducing waste, guests will learn about their ecological footprint. Guests will design a sustainable community, design an eco-home and build a solar oven.[Environmental Responsibility]

Guests 4-16 can join us daily for lunch and dinner. Meals can be pre-selected upon program check-in and will be billed to the guest. $30 USD will be charged per meal per child for supervision.

Extended hours of supervision are available at a charge of $30 USD per hour (or part thereof) per person.