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The TPC Pineapple Course, built in 1972, was designed to be the more-friendly course for golfers. It has fewer forced carries. The bunkers are not as deep and the greens are slightly larger. The back nine of The Pineapple Course consists of four holes with ocean views, followed by a tough five-hole stretch culminating with a fantastic par-four 18th that finishes up on a green just below the clubhouse terrace. For those seeking a challenge, this course will provide all you can handle from the back tees. Pineapple Course Hole Descriptions

Hole 1- Par 4

A short par 4 with a slight dogleg left. A long drive over the left  bunker will leave you with a short iron shot to this green. You can also drive down the center of the fairway leaving yourself a mid-iron into  the green. The green is guarded by bunkers left and back, and water on  the right. Once on the green look for the ball to break towards the  lake.

Hole 2 – Par4

The second hole is a long par 4,  with water all down the left and trees right. A premium is placed on  straight tee shot. Players will be faced with a long to mid iron for the the second shot to a well-guarded green. Players may face long putts  so be very aware of the speed. A par is an excellent score on this very challenging par 4.

Hole 3 – Par 4

The 3rd hole is a  par 4 dogleg right. A tee shot left of the bunkers will leave you with  the best chance at a clear shot to the green. Green is guarded by  bunkers left and right so aim at the center of this green. Be very  precise on your approach as there are many tiers in this small green.  Par is a great score here.

Hole 4 – Par 3

The 4th  hole is a long to mid iron shot that plays directly into the wind. The  green is guarded by bunkers and a lake short right of the green. A shot  to the middle of the green will give you best chance to a good score.  Par is very good on this par 3.

Hole 5 – Par 4

This  is a short dogleg left par 4. A tee shot along the left center of the  fairway will give you a short iron into this green. Long hitters may be  able to carry over tree on the left side and have a wedge in to the  green. The green is guarded by bunkers on the right side. This hole  gives a great chance at birdie.

Hole 6 – Par 4

The  sixth hole is a slight dogleg left with a very generous landing area. Be careful on your second shot as your approach is to a narrow green  guarded by a bunker right and a sneaky lake to the left. However since  the green is small a well-played second will leave a great chance at  birdie.

Hole 7 – Par 5

The seventh hole is a long  into the wind 90 dogleg right par 5. Three solid shots will land you on a small well-guarded green. A nice two putt will leave you with an easy  par.

Hole 8- Par 3

This little par three is short but a premium on distance control is important to place the ball near the  flag. The tee shot required a short iron to a slightly blind green. Once on the green players will face a green that slopes from front to back.

Hole 9 – Par 5

The ninth hole is a short dogleg left par 5 that is reachable with a solid  tee shot. It is best to play aggressive for the second downwind approach shot, leaving a short chip and putt for a birdie. Play the second smart as there are more bunkers around the green than players see.

Hole 10- Par 4

Long hitters should drive the ball directly over the fairway bunkers. Be  aware of the wind as it will play strong from right to left. Once in the fairway players will hit a short iron into a small three tier green. A  two putt will be excellent on this tricky green.

Hole 11- Par 4

A short par 4 slight dogleg to the right offers a tight landing area. The aggressive hitters can try to take the ball over the right hand fairway bunker; the safe play is right down the middle with a 3 wood or hybrid. Players will be left with an approach to a very receptive green. Focus  on the putt and you may come away with birdie!

Hole 12- Par 3

The 12 hole is the signature hole on the Pineapple Course. Players should  aim along the right side of the green and let the wind move the ball to  the center. Be accurate with your distance as there are two tiers to  this long green. A two putt will leave an easy par. Once finished with  the hole make sure you walk to the back of the green and take in the  view!

Hole 13- Par 5

Lucky 13 is a reachable downwind dogleg right par 5. Off the tee aim further right than feels  comfortable, a solid shot will give you a chance to get home in 2. Once  on the green a relatively flat green awaits. Study hard and make your  birdie!

Hole 14- Par 4

The 14th is a long par 4  dogleg right that plays up hill and into the wind. A long to mid iron  approach will place you on a large two tiered slopping green. Once on  the green, pay close attention to the break as this green is not easy to two putt. Par is a great score here!

Hole 15- Par 4

This short slight dogleg left requires a very precise tee shot with a long  iron or hybrid. Your second shot will be a short to mid iron shot to a  well-guarded green. Once on the green the pay attention to the slope, the ball wants to break towards the mountains.

Hole 16 – Par 3

The 16th hole is a long into the wind par 3. The green is guarded short and left with a lake and right with bunkers. Once on the green an easy two  putts awaits. Walk away with a par and you will pick up a shot on the  field.

Hole 17- Par 5

The 17th hole is a very long  into the wind dogleg left par 5. Players should play a tee shot out to  the right; remember driver is not a necessity when playing this hole. A  very long layup is required to have a short iron into this very deep  green. Once on the green pay attention to subtle breaks as this green  has three tiers that will affect your putt.

Hole 18- Par 4

The 18th is a very challenging straight away into the wind uphill par 4.  The 18th is the only straight hole on the course! A solid long shot will be required in order to have a chance to reach this par 4 in two. Once  on the green make sure you pay attention to the false front as it can  affect your ball. A par is a great way to finish in the amphitheater  setting below the Club House.