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The Five-Star Resort Pays Homage to Local Artists with New Art Programming

DORADO BEACH, PR – January 12, 2017Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a pristine paradise located just steps away from the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by acres of lush tropical forest, has recently introduced an extensive on-site art program that invites guests to experience distinctive art in two ways. In partnership with museologist Carlina Stubbe and her foundation, Arte Fits, the property plays host to an evolving collection of cutting-edge ephemeral art, allowing guests to be met by an ever-changing landscape of unique installations. For the more traditionally minded, the property is also home to a curated selection of original artwork and sculptures from local Puerto Rican artists. The program complements a celebration of art and culture that has been established throughout the resort since its historic days as the estate of Laurance S. Rockefeller.

Arte Fits scours the globe to provide the Dorado Beach community with access to some of the most unconventional and inventive artists, commissioning one-of-a-kind ephemeral pieces in various places throughout the resort and surrounding area. Through its mission of creating site-specific artworks to deepen the understanding and awareness of art through natural landscapes, Dorado Beach guests are treated to a constantly evolving landscape of Art-in-Nature displays, lasting as long as the elements allow, only to be replaced by a new piece later. Though each work is designed to stay in place only temporarily, each lives on in a collection of photographs which can be found across the Reserve, as well as in the mind of Mrs. Stubbe, who delights in speaking to guests about the foundation and its work.

Dorado Beach also features an impressive permanent collection of more traditional art, and resident artist Sofia Arsuaga provides complimentary tours of all the pieces. Prior to establishing the experience at Dorado Beach, Arsuaga worked as a professor in the sculpture department at the School of Arts in San Juan, and also taught painting and ceramics at the Museum of Puerto Rico. Sofia played an essential role in curating the collection of traditional art currently on display throughout Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. By partnering with established and emerging Puerto Rican artists such as Aileen Castañeda, Cecile Molina Machargo, Anna Nicholson, Luis Torruella, and Eduardo Cabrer, Dorado Beach now offers an impressive selection of pieces, many of which were commissioned especially for the resort.

During the tours, which include visits to the resort’s Livingston Library, stunning infinity pool, and Encanto Beach Club Bar & Grill among other spots of interest, guests have the exciting opportunity to explore the story behind each piece and its artist as well as learn about Puerto Rican art as a whole. For those guests who want to delve even deeper, Dorado Beach offers the exclusive opportunity to visit, shop, and have special pieces commissioned at some of the top private artists’ studios and galleries in Old San Juan. Arranged by Sofia, the experiences match guests with the artist who most closely represents their own preferences and interests.

The resort will soon begin hosting intimate artist cocktail parties throughout the year starting Thanksgiving weekend, where they can enjoy handcrafted cocktails while marveling over the incredible art on display and conversing with the artists responsible for these works. Presenting the opportunity for guests to engage with participating artists on a personal level, Dorado Beach’s program truly immerses guests in the local Puerto Rican art scene and culture.

Guests can also partake in a more hands-on approach to Dorado Beach’s art program by participating in any of the three newly offered art workshops led by Sofia Arsuaga in her art studio. Sofia’s painting class allows guests to revel in the freedom and experimentation of color layering, using acrylic paint and oil pastels. Creating works of art, they will enjoy abstract painting on their very own canvas. Other art workshops include a mixed media mono-printing class, as well as a pottery class.

For those inspired to take a piece of Dorado Beach and Puerto Rico home with them, each piece of artwork displayed throughout the property is also available for purchase. To learn more about Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve and its art program, visit