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Achieve a blissful state of relaxation at Spa Botánico, our restorative spa in Puerto Rico, set within a fragrant pineapple garden and lush natural landscaping. Inspired by nature to impart a holistic sense of well-being, this sanctuary pairs local ingredients with indigenous soothing traditions performed in the most unique of spa settings for a full sensory experience.

Botanico Al Fresco

Spa Botánico honors Puerto Rico’s genuine botanical and healing traditions that embrace the esthetic, cosmetic and medicinal importance of local plants. This integration with the natural world is reflected in these fresh new offerings which take place entirely outdoors within a lush, private garden setting. There are two dedicated gardens; one for men and one for women. Body scrubs are blended in the spa’s kitchen and combine Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and healing ingredients indigenous to Puerto Rico.

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Reserve by Phone
For more information about our Puerto Rico spa resort's well-being offerings, or to reserve a spa treatment, please call (787) 278-7227.

Spa and Salon Hours of Operation
9 a.m. - 7 p.m. 


Two small bowls with a coffee scrub

Coffee & Clove Scrub: To Revitalize

A revitalizing treatment using caffeine, sugar and the essential oils found in cloves to exfoliate, remove impurities and leave the skin feeling soft, refined and moisturized.

For Ladies
30 minutes, $135

Lily pads, some with blooming flowers, float on a water’s surface

Sweet Lime & Lemongrass Scrub: To Restore

An antioxidant rich scrub treatment meant to restore and calm the nervous system through natural sedative properties of sour orange mixed with the lemongrass which uplifts mood and relieves pain in muscles and joints. This blend of fresh citrus and oils combined with raw sugar leaves the skin feeling supple, refined and moisturized.

For Ladies
30 minutes, $135


Tobacco & Nutmeg Scrub: To Detox

A detoxifying blend which helps to draw impurities out of the skin, boost immunity and includes anti-aging properties. Sea salt exfoliates the skin and purifies assisting in elimination of toxins.

For Men
30 minutes, $135


Spiced Bay & Coconut Scrub: To Restore

Imparting the remarkable healing properties of bay leaves, as well as coconut, to leave the skin feeling clean and healthy. Cinnamon is an antioxidant that has warming and anti‐inflammatory properties and is combined with raw Sugar to exfoliate; leaving the skin clean and healthy.

For Men
30 minutes, $135