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Doha, Qatar - March 2017. Sharq Village & Spa is renowned throughout Doha as the go-to dining address for gastronomes to discover the Qatari cuisine. Local epicureans, and visitors wishing to experience authentic dishes, are offered an exciting fusion of flavors and aromas inherited from thousands of years of native tradition.

Based on traditional Arabian ingredients, yet with prominent Indian and North African influence, Qatari gastronomy includes staple food items such as seafood, rice, nuts and dates and, finely blends them with an eclectic mix of spices and tastes that invigorate the cuisine around its heritage. Selecting the finest local ingredients and fragrant spices like saffron, cardamom and cinnamon from Doha’s dazzling Souq Waqif, Sharq Village and Spa ensures guests embark on a scrumptious culinary journey with every bite they take.

At Sharq Village & Spa, Qatari Head Chef Sheikha Ahmad M. Almeer imparts her local knowledge to Executive Chef Hassan Abdallah and his team of talented chefs, to create delectable hallmark national dishes.  The hotel’s signature dishes include Machbous, consisting of fragrant rice, meat and vegetables, and Shrimp Jerish, a   rich seafood and groat plate, seasoned with cinnamon and turmeric.

“Exploring local gastronomy is an unceasing delight, as the Qatari cuisine offers an innumerable collection of long-kept recipes to be discovered” says Executive Chef Abdallah.

Foodies and aficionados of traditional cuisine are invited to Sharq Village & Spa to embark in a mouth-watering journey to the past as they indulge in impeccably good, authentic Qatari cuisine. Experience with Intrigue You package the world of possibilities Sharq Village & Spa offers. Stay three nights and pay for two, inclusive of buffet breakfast and internet.

For more details, contact the hotel at +974 4425 6666 or visit the website at