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For media inquiries, please contact:

Sandra Kim
Manager of Public Relations
The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul
120 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu
135-907, Korea
Phone: (82) (2) 3451-8235
Fax: (82) (2) 3451-8282

The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul celebrates the arrival of autumn with Fall in Mango, the latest incarnation of popular afternoon promotion Ritz Teassert, featuring mango and fondu.

Ritz Teassert – Fall in Mango combines the flavors of sweet mango and hot fondu, an ideal autumn pairing. Each table is served either chocolate or cheese fondu, complementing the dessert selection for a truly indulgent experience.

With fresh mango as its key highlight, the afternoon tea dessert selection comprises some 30 items including crêpes, mille feuille, panna cotta, cup cakes, sticky mango mochi filled with sweet mango purée, mango pizza made according to an extra-tasty recipe, refreshing salad and mini burgers.

The dessert selection is complemented by a choice of 10 premium Ronnefeldt black teas, served after being left to brew for just the length of time required to produce optimum flavor. New drinks on the menu include mango latte, offering an even more intense taste of autumn.

“Ritz Teassert caused a sensation in the industry earlier this year and proved highly popular among our guests,” says Chef Kang Gil-won of The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul. “In future, we will launch a new version for each season, establishing Ritz Teassert as one of our signature features.”

Ritz Teassert is served every Saturday and Sunday at The Ritz Bar, with a first sitting from noon to 14:30 and a second from 15:00 to 17:30. It is priced at KRW 39,000 for adults, with a glass of sparkling wine available for a supplementary charge of KRW 15,000; and at KRW 26,000 for children (prices include tax and service charge).

Inquiries and reservations: 02) 3451-8271