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Gin lovers can now look forward to a selection of four distinctly flavoured American gin & tonics, handcrafted by our mixologists at Chihuly Lounge.

  1. Brooklyn Gin – Using fresh citrus peels, this gin is prominent with floral and citrus notes which are further enhanced with grapefruit bitters.
  2. Death’s Door Gin – Combining three simple botanicals; juniper, coriander and fennel, this gin is clean and mild with a hint of spice.
  3. Ransom Gin – Zesty and citrus to the nose, this gin contains well-balanced flavours and leaves a malty finish.
  4. St George’s Gin – With scents of the forest such as pine, sage and fir, this earthy gin is very smooth on the palate and becomes slightly minty as the taste progresses.

From SGD 19 per glass

For reservations at Chihuly Lounge, please email.

All prices are in Singapore dollars, subject to prevailing service charge, goods and services tax.