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Club Level

Enjoy customized experiences for Club Level guests including:

  • Club Lounge check-in and check-out 
  • Complimentary culinary offerings throughout the day 
  • Fine selections of wines, liqueurs, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages 
  • A dedicated concierge to assist with all requirements during the stay 
  • Complimentary wireless Internet access in the Lounge
  • Unlimited use of the water circuit at the Spa
  • Exclusive access to the Persian Garden swimming pool

Club Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama

The Ritz-Carlton, Abama introduces its new Club Level offering an exclusive sanctuary, providing the comfort, convenience and privacy of a hotel within a hotel. With its own dedicated team on hand to offer extra level service, the Club takes care of all guest needs ensuring an exceptional experience within sumptuous surroundings. An option for all guests, the Club Lounge is a peaceful and exclusive retreat for families and couples. 

The Club Level accommodation and amenities feature special services and privileges synonymous with the Ritz-Carlton brand worldwide whilst maintaining a strong sense of the resort’s island destination.

Well-appointed Guest Rooms and Suites

Incorporating a private guest lounge, 19 deluxe rooms and 2 suites all with ocean views, the Club is situated on the 10th floor of the resort’s Moorish-inspired Citadel building ensuring a prime setting for the ultimate escape. Available to guests registered to The Ritz-Carlton’s Club Level, the spacious new lounge will offer a tranquil setting to enjoy exquisite food presentations and a relaxing environment. Overlooking the impressive Teide Mountain range and the Golf Course, the Lounge will also include an outdoor terrace for guests to enjoy the island’s year round mild temperatures.

Learn the secrets of the Cuban most international drink preparation, elaborated with local ingredients to add a Canarian twist to the original recipe.

Gin and tonic is a popular drink traditionally garnished with a slice or wedge of lime, often slightly squeezed into the drink before being placed in the glass, but in The Ritz-Carlton, Abama we will show you dozens of innovative variants seasoned with herbs collected from our gardens.

With the Sahara on one side and the wide Atlantic on the other, Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for stargazing featuring clear skies and clean air.  

Sample the true taste of Spain! Our skilled chef will talk you through the step-by-step process for perfect paella as he prepares this classic dish before your very eyes.  

Vines were planted as early as the 16th Century when the islands were highly acclaimed for their sweet wines made from Malvasía – made in an oxidative and Maderized style as in Madeira, Sherry, Port and the like. Because of its excellent quality and its fame in Britain, Shakespeare mentions the Canary wines or The Canary Sack in The Twelfth Night and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

The combination of little-known grapes, high-elevation vineyards and dramatic volcanic soils made for some of the most distinctive and delicious wines you can ever have. In order to provide you with an insight of the local wine culture, we have gathered a wide selection of references which come from some of the best wineries of the island. Savouring a Malvasía white with views over El Teide from Club Lounge will create the most genuine memories of your stay.

A range of products exclusively selected made using only 100% pure-bred Iberian pigs. Cured and produced by hand in Guijuelo (Salamanca), the heartland of the black Iberian pig. All our products are obtained from exceptionally pure bred animals left to roam freely and fed on acorns during the autumn and winter months on a number of the family estates.

The result is a unique delicacy that plays the starring role in Spain’s celebrated cuisine which The Ritz-Carlton, Abama makes available to the most demanding of palates.

Chocolate is enjoyed. Grand Chocolat is experienced.

Tasting Grand Chocolat is a rare, intense, and intimate experience. You have to take your time and concentrate to discover the complexity of the chocolate and appreciate the enjoyment as it reaches a crescendo. You can see its shine, feel its texture, hear its crunch but only when it is in the mouth does the experience truly begin.

A young couple arrived at the hotel to enjoy their holidays and the Club Lounge with their family, as they keep travelling from all over the world.

The Club's concierge, Carla, was happy to welcome them and tried to make her stay memorable from the first day. During the check-in, they had a very good connection from the first moment, and the lovely couple shared with Carla a lot of information about them, but the most important news was that they were waiting for a beautiful girl. And they wanted to celebrate this incredible moment!

The concierge witnessed the joy of the family and also wanted to be part of the celebration. She prepared a very emotional letter for them and left it in very beautiful and handmade envelope, accompanied by delicious pink macaroons. In addition, she decorated the entire room with pink balloons and a special one, where one could read "It's a girl".

The young couple arrived with tears in their eyes and thanked the concierges from the Club Level for making their stay so special and memorable- They promised to return soon as a married couple to celebrate their anniversaries!

Located on the most serene spot of the hotel, the Persian Garden pool is available exclusively for Club Level guests who will have at their disposal complimentary snacks and drinks during the day. On one side an aromatic garden, on the other lush banana plantations and featuring stunning views of La Gomera Island make this exclusive corner the perfect place to find your inner peace.