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Sergi Arola

The recognized Catalan chef Sergi Arola, holder of the National Prize of Gastronomy, offers a personalized and creative service together with Hotel Arts Barcelona, allowing our clients to enjoy the cuisine of his restaurant Arola at the venue of their choice.

Since the early age of 12, when he discovered gastronomy with his grandfather, Sergi Arola has
lived the passion of cooking for others local products and talking about the flavors. At the age of 14, he began working in a restaurant and, since then, has been carrying the same vocation.

Some 30 years later, he was during many years holder of 2 Michelin stars in his restaurant Gastro in Madrid. His rebel character remains more than ever in his creation filled with Mediterranean flavors and reflecting Spanish avant-gardism.

Sergi Arola has now exported his brand successfully in other countries, opening other restaurants Arola. With this project of catering at Hotel Arts, Arola can reach out to a greater number of people who can taste his menus in the place of their choice.


Antonio Saez, Executive Chef

Originally from the city of Sabadell, Catalonia in Spain, Antonio Saez Garcia gained experience as a Commis chef at Txesuskoa Restaurant in Barcelona and as a Demi Chef de Partie at Hotel Urpi in Barcelona. He continued to hone his culinary skills in different hotels and restaurants in Barcelona while studying at the School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Services in Barcelona and in 2001 he received his diploma as a Specialist in Culinary Arts. (ESHOB)

After obtaining his degree he worked at various hotels and restaurants in Barcelona before moving to San Sebastian where he became the Chef de Partie of the three Michelin starred Martin Berasategui Restaurant. Following a three year stint in San Sebastian, he returned to Barcelona and spent a year as the Executive Sous Chef of The Condes de Barcelona Hotel before becoming a Sous Chef at Lasarte restaurant in 2006. From 2006 until 2012 he worked at Lasarte restaurant and during his time there they were awarded two Michelin stars. The first Michelin star was awarded to Lasarte in 2006, ten months after its opening, and three years later they were awarded their second star. At 29 years old, Antonio Saez became the youngest chef in Spain with two Michelin stars. While at Lasarte he spent one month training in molecular cuisine at El Bulli under the tutelage of Ferran Adria.

Following his time at Lasarte, Antonio became the Executive Chef of two new restaurants at the five star Rosewood Abu Dhabi Hotel in 2012. Here, he successfully oversaw the launch of Catalan Restaurant and La Cava, positioning them among some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

In 2014, Chef Antonio returned to Spain to become the Executive Chef at Hotel Arts Barcelona. His vast culinary experience, creativity, and ability to lead Michelin star culinary teams makes him an ideal fit at Hotel Arts Barcelona where he will be driving the high-profile Arts Catering service among the most recognized in Barcelona.