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Barcelona – October 16, 2015 – Beginning October 26, Hotel Arts Barcelona will celebrate the 5th iteration of the seasonal white truffle menu featured at their two-Michelin starred restaurant, Enoteca, by serving rare white truffle starters, entrées and desserts, expertly paired with a selection of exclusive wines sourced from the Piedmont region of Italy.

This year, the sought-after delicacy will be the central ingredient in not one, but two unique tasting menus. Renowned Catalan chef, Paco Pérez, the team behind Enoteca and Sommelier Joao País will provide gastronomically inclined travelers with a uniquely Catalan take on a rare, Italian delicacy.

Often referred to as the “white gold” or “white diamond,” the white truffle is a rare product from Piedmont, in northern Italy, used by chefs to enhance unique dishes and fine tasting menus. Harvested underground, the fungi are gathered in October and November, making them the most sought-after and expensive seasonal ingredient on the market during this time of year. Their unpredictable quality and size make it a difficult product to work with for the most experienced chefs, but their one-of-a-kind aromatic flavor guarantees one of the finest culinary experiences a guest can enjoy.

Enoteca’s sommelier, Joao País, has selected some of the finest wines from the restaurant’s 750+ wine cellar to highlight the unique flavors and tasting notes of the Italian region from which so much buzz is generated each Autumn. He has created a dedicated wine pairing only available in connection with the limited engagement menu, which runs through an un-determinable date in November, at which time the kitchen exhausts its supply of highly elusive white truffle.

Gourmet enthusiasts will enjoy two innovative menus in 2015, incorporating white truffles and showcasing their exquisite, unique flavor in two varying manners. One menu is heavily white truffle oriented, featuring truffle in all courses. Another, reduced version, crafted with the slightly less experimental traveler in mind, features fewer courses and truffle in lower volume and fewer courses. Highlights from the menu will include oyster, truffle cream, vegetables and hot spices; guinea fowl, crayfish, mushrooms and truffle; and white chocolate, yogurt, milk curd, quince and truffle.

Chef Pérez has become a white truffle connoisseur and his menus for Enoteca are anxiously awaited during the season. The chef enjoys the exercise of creating new dishes while revisiting a few classics.

The two white truffle tasting menus available throughout November 2015 at Enoteca restaurant include:

  • The indulgent tasting menu (12 courses) priced at 200 EUR (VAT incl.) per person 
  • The less heavily truffle menu at 170 EUR (VAT incl.) per person