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Bento box positioned by the pool and laden with a sandwich and colorful side salads


Beetroots salad
Roasted beetroots mix, goat cheese, honey lime seasoned green sprouts, orange, baby spinach and carrot mustard dressing.

Green apple and pear salad
Oven roasted apple cubes, raw pear wedges, baby spinach, roasted chili seasoned almonds, blue cheese crumbles and mint-yoghurt dressing.

Chop salad
Dice tomato, chickpeas sprouts, celery nest, radicchio, red endives, cucumber, radish slices, crispy pita bread, and coconut chili dressing.

Caesar salad
Baby roman lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic bread, and anchovies.

Quinoa salad
Quinoa mix, lollo roso, arugula, carrots and zucchini rolls, three colored bell peppers, grilled halloumi cheese and Blue cheese dressing.

Caprese soup salad
Heirloom Tomato wedges, fresh mozzarella cheese, black olives tuile, balsamic reduction, pesto puree.

Avocado salad
Avocado slices, pickled red onions, baby carrots, red endives, white endives, roasted sunflower seeds powder, lime aioli and sundried tomato paste.


Flores de calabaza rellenas

Halloumi cheese stuffed zucchini flowers
served with green tomatillo salsa, pickled onions and corn chips.

Tacos de barbacoa
Three soft white corn tortillas filled with lamb barbacoa and topped with fresh coriander and chopped onions. Served with guacamole, Mexican sour cream and morita salsa.

Siquil pak and Romesco dip
Traditional sunflower- pumpkin seeds dip and authentic Spanish hazelnut-pistachio dip.
Vegetables homemade chips.

Mexican Corner

White flour tortillas filled with marinated chicken, and cheese.
Served with guacamole, Mexican sour cream and habanero salsa.

Fresh deep fried corn tortilla nachos topped with barbecue brisket, cheddar and mozzarella cheese.
Served with guacamole, Mexican sour cream and green tomatillo salsa.

White flour tortilla wrap filled with pulled barbecue lamb, beans, mozzarella, gouda cheese, pickled onions, greens mix. Served with guacamole, Mexican sour cream and morita salsa.

Mexican burger
Grilled premium beef burger, Waygu chorizo, brie, cheddar, guacamole, pickled onions, mache and spicy ancho chili mayo. Served whit fries.


Avocado wrap
Avocado halves, pickled red onions, baby carrots, radicchio, endives arugula mix, roasted sunflower seeds, lime aioli, sundried tomato paste and fresh mozzarella.

Three homemade mini ciabatta sliders filled with Mexico style marinated grilled flank steak, refried
beans, guacamole, pickled onions and fresh mozzarella cheese. Serve with fries.

Chicken and cheese focaccia
Homemade focaccia bread filled with Tempura deep fried chicken breast, halloumi, mozzarella and goat cheese, arugula, guacamole and black bean pure. Served with fries.

Black dumplings
Three squid ink flavored steamed dumplings filled with fried octopus, clam and shrimps.

Main Courses

Pan cooked seabass filet served with purple mashed potatoes, kale, wild rice, sauté white and green asparagus, baby carrots and corn cream sauce.

Ribeye Carne Asada
Ribeye steak, avocado puree, black refried beans, grilled spring onions, grill tomatoes and cauliflower. Morita demi-glace.

Chicken Pipian
Corn fed chicken breast, baked apricot, almonds pipian, pasilla barbecue salsa, sweet potato and almond rice.

Salmon Pibil
Cashews & pistachio quinoa, habanero pineapple sauce, mango pico salsa.

Lamb and Nogada
Grill lamb loin served with a fruits and nuts stuffed poblano pepper topped with a Mexican walnuts-cheese white sauce and fresh pomegranate. Accompanied with Pomegranate demi-glace and wild rice.

Polenta del mar
Pan cooked Tuna filet served with pan sealed scallops, sauté mussels, grilled asparagus, grilled spring onions, red chili cream and creamy polenta.

Seafood bowl
Sauté tiger shrimps, crab meat, mussels and king crab claws. Served with grill sweet corn, waygu chorizo and crab chowder.

Veal and Tuna Pasta

Pan cooked veal tenderloin & tuna loin cubes with chop artichoke, sun dried tomato and lemon capers butter sauce.

Box selection

American box: Caesar salad and Mexican burger
Mexican box: chop salad and burrito
Vegetarian box: quinoa salad and avocado wrap
Mediterranean box: caprese soup salad and chicken focaccia


Sweet dough case topped with vanilla custard and fresh exotic fruits.

Italian vanilla curd with fresh berries, raspberry coulis cocoa strudel.

Lemon & Lime Cheese cake
Cookies crumb topped with cream cheese curd baked in oven, served with raspberry coulis.

Ice cream
Selection of homemade ice-cream and sherbet.

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