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Close-up view of a screen with traditional Arabic designs

Cold Mezzeh

Muhammara (V) (N)
Bread crumbs, chili paste, mix nuts, pomegranate

Zaiton Halabi (V) (N)
Green olive salad, capsicum, pine nut, chili paste

Aged salted cheese, onion, tomato, thyme, olive oil

Chicory leaves, onion, garlic, olive oil

Labneh Bil Toum
Drained yoghurt, garlic, fresh mint, walnut, olive oil

Lubieh Bil Zait
Green beans, tomato, garlic, onion, olive oil

Moutabel (V)
Eggplant, tahina, yoghurt, garlic, olive oil

Beetroot Moutabel
Beetroot, tahina, yoghurt, rosewater, garlic, olive oil

Baba Ganoush (V) (N)
Eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, onion, walnut, olive oil

Warak Enab (V)
Stuffed wine leaves, vegetable, rice, pomegranate

Mosaket Batinjan (V)
Eggplant, onion, garlic, chickpeas, tomato sauce

Qarnabit Magli (V)
Fried cauliflower, tahina sauce

Cold Mezzeh Platter 
Beetroot moutabel, muhammara, hoummus, warak enab, labneh bil toum, baba ganoush


Mijana Hoummus
Tomato, romaine lettuce, pickles, fresh mint
Hoummus Beiruti (V) (N)
Garlic, parsley, pine nut
Hoummus (V) (N)
Chickpea puree, sesame paste, lemon juice
Hoummus Bin Laham (N)
Pan fried diced lamb loin, ghee, pine nut
Hoummus Bil Shawarma

Hot Mezzeh

Fried cheese roll

Fatayer Sabanekh (V) (N)
Fresh spinach, onion, sumac, walnut

Fatayer Zataar (V) (N)
Fresh thyme, onion, tomato, sumac, walnut

Fatayer Jebneh (V)
Akwi cheese, parsley, black seed

Fatayer Lahem
Minced lamb, onion, pine nut, Arabic spices

Falafel Platter
Crushed chickpea, vegetables, spices, tahina

Jawaneh Mtafayeh
Chicken wings, lemon juice, garlic, coriander

Pan fried lamb brain, lemon, garlic, coriander

Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Rocket leave, fresh zataar

Batata Harra
Potato, garlic, chili paste, coriander

Kibbeh (N) 
Minced lamb, crushed wheat, onion, pine nut

Lebanese sausage, pomegranate sauce

Kebdeh Dajaj
Chicken liver, garlic, coriander, pomegranate sauce

Fried Calamari
Batter fried calamari, garlic sauce

Roubyan Magli
Breaded shrimps, spicy garlic sauce

Qalayet Bandora

Hot Mezzeh Platter
Fatayer jebneh, fatayer sabanekh, fatayer lahem, kibbeh

Raw Meat

Kibbah Niyah
Fresh raw minced lamb, crushed wheat, onion, spices

Habra Niyah
Fresh raw minced lamb, fresh mint, garlic sauce


Oriental Salad
Tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, mint

Jarjir (V)
Rocket leaf, cherry tomato, sumac, onion

Tabouleh (V)
Chopped parsley, tomato, onion, crushed wheat

Fatoush (V)
Arabic salad, toasted bread, sumac, pomegranate

Lamb tongue, garlic, bell pepper, lemon, olive oil


Adas (V)
Authentic Arabic lentil soup, cumin, onion
Soup of the week


Arabic pickles, fresh fries, onion, tomato

Arabic pickles, fresh fries, onion, tomato

Minced lamb, onion, tomato, fresh mint

Jawaneh Meshuiah
Grilled chicken wings

Grilled Fish and Seafood

Sultan Ibrahim, fried or grilled
Hammour Filet Meshui
Roubyan Meshui (S)
Lobster Tail Meshui (S)
Fish Market - ask your waiter for the catch of the day available at the counter

Grilled Meats

Shish Tawook
Tender grilled chicken skewers

Kabab Meshui
Minced meat, onion, parsley, Arabic spices

Kabab Khashkhash
Minced meat, chili, pine nuts, garlic, spicy tomato

Lahem Meshui
Tender grilled lamb skewers

Mijana Kabab
Arabic marinated grilled beef cube

Grilled Baby Chicken
Arabic marinated grilled chicken

Reyash Ghnam

Marinated lamb chops
Mashawee Mshakaleh
Mix of shish tawook, kabab meshui, lahem meshui, reyash ghnam
Mashawee Bahreeh
Mix of grilled lobster, fish, prawns, sea scallops

All grilled dishes are served with grilled vegetables, spicy tahina sauce or garlic sauce and vermicelli rice or French fries


Traditional Oven Baked Umm Ali
Puff pastry pudding, milk and nuts

Mahalabia (N)
Milk pudding, pistachio cocoa strudel, orange sauce

Date Pudding (N)
Warm date sponge pudding with rice and milk foam

Grandma Chocolate Mousse (N)
Xocopili verrine with pomegranate reduction and vanilla ice cream

Pavlova (N)

Pistachio meringue, Jivara chocolate cream, espuma lime yogurt
Fresh Seasonal Cut Fruits
Assorted Baklava (N)
Cheese Kunafa (N)

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