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The silhouette of a camel caravan traveling across the sand dunes or the delight of a child as she brushes the mane of a horse. These are among the unforgettable experiences available at this desert resort.

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Led by an expert from the Centre’s equestrian team, tours introduce visitors to the horses and their personalities, backgrounds and breeds. A visit to the camels in their paddocks, and a delightful feeding session, are included.


Rides are available for children, accompanied by a member of the Centre.

Led Rides: For first-time or amateur riders, these rides go through the desert at an enjoyable pace with horses led by a guide.

Guided Rides: These Western-style trail rides journey into the reserve and travel at a leisurely pace so riders of all levels can take in the natural beauty.

Sunset Rides: Set off in the late afternoon to explore the nature reserve and make your way across the dunes to our favorite spot to watch the sunset. The ride can be paced to meet your skill level.


Offered daily upon request, this quintessential Arabian experience takes riders through the desert and stops at the perfect place to enjoy refreshments while watching the sun disappear into the dunes.


The resort can organize experiences tailored to your group including horseback rides across the reserve, a traditional sunset viewing and team-building activities, all complemented by custom catering.