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Horse owners can enjoy the services of our luxury stables with both short- and long-term livery memberships. Facilities were designed for the comfort and safety of both people and horses, and memberships can be customized to fit special requests. For those who are unable to spend much time with their horse, the Equestrian Centre is happy to provide regular updates. Paddock services are available separately or combined.

For information, please email

Memberships include:

  • Large, air-conditioned indoor stable
  • Access to all facilities including horse-walking area, paddocks and the nature reserve’s more than 1,230 acres
  • 24/7 care including twice-weekly grooming, year-round worming and night checks
  • Dedicated space in the secured tack room
  • All hard feed (twice daily), 24-hour fresh water and a salt lick
  • Stable bedding to avoid foot and leg injuries and guarantee good drainage
  • Supervision of horse during visits from the farrier, vet and other equine professionals
  • Access to jumping equipment for training (does not include supervision)

The following incur additional costs:

  • Farrier, dentist and vet bills (including vaccinations)
  • Supplements or special feeds
  • Full tack service (dismantling, cleaning and oiling)