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Al Wadi Equestrian Center offers unrivalled riding experiences within the 500-hectare landscape in the heart of Wadi Khadeja. Horses and camels have a long-standing role in Middle Eastern culture, from caravans through the desert to elegant Arabian horses. Our resort offers opportunities to experience the region’s rich tradition with lessons and horse, pony and camel rides for experienced and new riders of all ages.

Enjoy the views of the stunning dunes from atop the majestic Arabian camel. A chance to step back in time, you can learn more about the animal which has been a key part of bedouin life and culture, vital for travel and a source of milk and meat, for centuries. The experience - suitable for all the family - allows you to spot some of the native desert creatures from up high, and observe the beautiful surrounds as expert guides handle this fascinating creature, leading you through the desert terrain.

The dromedary, or Arabian camel, has an important role in bedouin culture, being historically used as a form of transport, meat and milk. The chance to enjoy riding the creature known as the ‘ship of the desert’ with the guidance of experienced camel guides under the sunset glow, you will learn more about this great animal which is a deeply entrenched part of the bedouin culture and history. To finish up the experience, you will enjoy a relaxing sunset drink atop the spectacular sand dunes, the red and golden hues of the dunes at sunset providing an unforgettable backdrop. Activity officers will be on hand to explain all the beauty of the surrounding nature, wildlife, flora and fauna.

For experienced riders, this is the chance to enjoy a thrilling ride across the dunes. Feeling the thrill of the ascents and descents of the rolling dunes, this is an experience not to be missed. Riding with the wind, experienced riders will take you across the magnificent reserve where views of the red and golden sands are a sight to behold, riders encountering some of the many local inhabitants of this richly populated area along the way, and enjoying the plentiful array of flora and fauna.

Tailored for first timers or less experienced riders, you can enjoy views of the rolling red and golden dunes from the back of the majestic Arabian horse This gentle ride will help introduce you to this majestic creature, very much a part of bedouin culture. Riders will be guided across the magnificent reserve where they will be able to encounter some of the many local inhabitants of this richly populated area, and enjoy the plentiful array of flora and fauna.

This interactive lesson allows children to connect and learn more about this beautiful little creature. For those curious to learn more about horses, this is a perfect gateway to introduce children to the more majestic animals. From grooming and washing to walking, guides will help the children learn how to take care of the pony in addition to taking them on an introductory riding experience.

Whether you are an avid rider or have a nervous first-timer, the Equestrian Centre offers lessons for all levels and preferences. Group and private sessions are available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Children can be introduced to horse riding sensations with our horses in private or group classes.

Beginner riders can opt for a one hour private lesson to learn about posture and horse guidance, or register for a group class in our spacious paddocks.

Experienced riders can use the horse walker arena and benefit from expert advice from our equestrian team.

Lessons are also offered to families, with multi-level one hour sessions with our horse instructor, for a fun bonding activity.

The resort can organize experiences tailored to your group including horseback rides across the reserve, a traditional sunset viewing and team-building activities, all complemented by custom catering.

For information or reservations, please contact our Experience Concierge on +971 7 206 7777 ext. 5656 or email: