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Designed to ensure visitors to the UAE leave with a true understanding of desert life and culture, the Experience Concierge at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert offers personalized itineraries based on each hotel guests’ interests. The concierge service highlights the essence of local life and Bedouin culture with activities focused on the art of falconry, horse and camel riding, nature and kid-friendly experiences.

A young girl in jeans and a white peasant top sits outside while smilingly petting a large brown-and-white speckled bird

Al Wadi Ritz Kids offers your children a variety of creative, entertaining & informative activities to be involved in at all ages.

Signature Kids Activities:

Feathered Friends (discovery and interaction with birds)

Designed for kids only, this avian adventure takes them on a journey around the resort via buggy, spotting all the resident & migratory birds as well as visiting their very special breeding sites. Explanations on their plumage, adaptations and feeding habits are delivered by an Activity officer, telling the story of these beautiful creatures. Binoculars are provided, as well the instruction on how to use them.

Trail Tales 

Tells the story behind the intriguing tracks left on the sand dunes of the nature reserve. Kids are taken via buggy to the center of the nature reserve, where the fresh tracks of the nocturnal creatures can clearly be seen. The story that unfolds highlights the diversity of life in our desert.

Other kids activities available upon request:

  • Kids Archery
  • Discovery walk
  • Kids Yoga
  • Baking Class
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Storytelling

Travel back in time with an ancient Bedouin art, enjoy an informative talk and watch these majestic birds in flight.

Activities available:

Mini Falcon Show

A kids only experience, unique to the UAE, immersing children in the fascinating world of birds-of-prey. Al Wadi’s specially trained team of child-friendly birds are introduced by our resident falconer. Kids get the opportunity to interact with and learn about the wonderful adaptations of specialized birds. Each child gets to fly a bird-of-prey.

Interactive Falcon Show

A daily interactive Falconry display, conducted at the Falcon Deck. This group experience takes place an hour before sunset. It starts with an informative introduction by our resident falconer to the role of falconry in Bedouin lifestyle/culture. Guests can learn about our local owls and their adaptions to survive in the wild, interact with various birds-of-prey (falcons, hawks, owls, etc.), and watch the sunset over the sand dunes as the activity comes to an end.

A man and a young girl smile as they prepare to lower a baby Ghaf tree into the soil

Spending time in nature is simply rejuvenating and healing. These activities will get you closer to nature and allow you to reconnect with the environment.

Activities available:

Nature Walk

A leisurely stroll through the valleys and over the dunes of Al Wadi Nature Reserve, 500 hectares of conserved and rehabilitated Northern Emirates desert habitat. Your Nature Guide will impart his knowledge of the native fauna & flora, including their traditional uses in the Bedouin Culture. Reconnect with nature, awaken your senses, and understand the balance between human beings & nature.


Connect with this long-standing Bedouin art and tradition with a private or group archery session, on the resort’s own archery range. The activity is also offered at night for some thrills in the outdoors, under the starry sky.

Catch and Release Fishing

Fishing at the man-made watering hole, stocked with freshwater fish. Fish (Red-breasted Tilapia) are caught & released with care. The activity is ideal for parents to bond with their children, sharing a memorable experience. Our Nature Guide provides all the required instruction and interprets the local ecosystem that has been developed to showcase the importance of habitat conservation & species interdependence.

Sunset Walk

A short walk through the nature reserve gets you to the top of a dune to watch the sun setting, while sipping a refreshing sundowner.

Night Walk

Discover Al Wadi Nature Reserve’s “Night Life” on this adventure into the dunes after dark. Learn about the nocturnal habits of the reptiles, rodents and other critters that make up the majority of the animal life in the desert. Seek the famous Camel Spider of The Middle East.  


An introduction to the Arabian night sky. View the planets and constellations in all their splendor, through a telescope from the center of the nature reserve. Learn about ancient Greek mythology and how the Arabian explorers navigated using these heavenly bodies.

(This activity can be coupled with a night walk for a deeper immersion in the desert landscape at night)

Tree Planting in the Reserve

Guests of Al Wadi Desert have the opportunity to plant their own Ghaf tree (national tree of the UAE) in the Al Wadi Heritage Forest, raising awareness towards rehabilitation and protection of local flora as well as their intrinsic connection to the Emirati culture.

Desert Bike Caravan

Experience the sand dunes like never before. Guests can now go dune bashing with our special “fat tire” bikes. From a 60 minute guided desert trail option, to a 24 hour option; see the Al Wadi Nature Reserve from a different perspective.

A young lady guides a brown horse past fenced-in pastures with other horses in the background

Al Wadi Equestrian Center offers unrivalled riding experiences within the 500-hectare landscape in the heart of Wadi Khadeja. Fun and exciting activities are available as horse, camel rides and pony rides for the little loved one.

Activities available:

Sunset Camel Caravan

Riding a camel across the sand dunes at sunset becomes reality with this activity offered daily, upon request. Riders take a stroll through the desert landscape to reach a perfect sunset observation point where they will halt for some refreshments, as the sun sets behind the dunes.• Horse or pony ridingHorseback riding is available for all levels, beginners to advanced. Kids can ride ponies accompanied by our equestrian team.

For information or reservations, please contact our Experience Concierge on +971 7 206 7777 ext. 5656 or email: