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The Ritz-Carlton Spa presents the ultimate spa experience, featuring holistic signature treatments for complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Valentine’s Couple’s Retreat | 120-minute treatment
Indulge and celebrate with your loved one in this special day. (Valid throughout February) Purchase a 90-minute full body massage of your choice and indulge into 30 minutes of extra pampering.
120-minute treatment includes:

90-minute massage of your choice + Choice of a 30-minute Honey Milk Bath • 30-minute Body Scrub • 30-minute Refreshing Facial

Royal Wadi | 150-minute treatment                                                      
Relieve your sun tanned skin as the cooling Aloe Lavender Healer is being smoothed all over your body. A delicate body scrub consisting of green apple, cucumber and white sesame follows to remove dead skin cells and nourish the tender skin. Complete the indulgent experience with a Relaxing Massage and a Jade Face Massage.
The 150-minute treatment includes:

Aloe Lavender Healer • Apple Cucumber Refresher • Relaxing Massage • Jade Face Massage

Al Wadi Retreat | 120-minute treatment and lunch

  • Choice of Body Massages | 90 minutes
  • Mini Facial 30 minutes 
  • Lunch at Kaheela

Al Wadi Pampering Day | 240-minute treatment and lunch                                       

For a full day of pampering and care-free indulgence, Al Wadi Day features signature therapies for complete top to toe renewal. Besides luxurious spa treatments, a sumptuous yet healthy spa cuisine lunch complements the wellness experience. 


  • Choice of Body Scrubs | 30 minutes
  • Choice of Body Massages | 90 minutes
  • Lunch at Kaheela


  • Choice of Facials | 60 minutes
  • Foot Massage | 60 minutes

Total Rejuvenation | 90/120-minute treatment
Select from a choice of body scrubs, carefully concocted and freshly prepared, harnessing the natural benefits of locally sourced ingredients. Each body scrub presents unique benefits to suit different skin types. Emerge with smoother skin after the body scrub and choose from a selection of body massages to complete the rejuvenating experience.
This 90/120-minute treatment includes:

Choice of body scrubs • Choice of 60 minute/90 minute body massages (except hot stone)

Barley Green Tea Brightener | For All Skin Types
Energise yourself with this soothing medley of barley, green tea and honey which nourishes and protects the skin. 

Soya Protein Brightener |For All Skin Types
Rich in Vitamin C and proteins, this body scrub nourishes and softens your skin leaving it silky smooth. 

Turmeric Honey Cleanser | For All Skin Types
Renowned for its healing and cleansing properties, turmeric mixed with honey, tamarind and sesame seeds make this a highly refreshing body scrub.

Citrus Refresher | For Oily Skin
A zesty body scrub ideal for oily skin, it is rich in Vitamin C to cleanse and refresh your skin.

Lemongrass Turmeric Cleanser | For All Skin Types
Experience an exceptional glow with this body scrub, concocted with turmeric powder and fresh lemongrass. Turmeric brings out the radiance of the skin, while lemongrass helps to improve blood circulation. 


  • Therapeutic herbal bath 
  • Apple green tea bath 
  • Honey milk bath
  • Floral bath 

Balinese | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
A medium to strong 60 or 90 minute deep tissue massage where the therapist uses thumb and palm pressure and firm strokes to stimulate blood circulation, improve energy flow and relieve tension.

Hot Stones | 90-minute treatment              
A 90-minute massage where heated stones are soothingly massaged over your body. It is beneficial for smoother flow of “qi” and discharge of toxins from your system.

Lomi Lomi | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
Originating from Hawaii, this is a deeply revitalising massage. Our therapist uses full body techniques, applied with rhythmic grace using thumbs, palms and elbows. The 60 or 90 minute massage, eases and loosens stressed muscles leaving the entire body totally relaxed and refreshed.

Sports | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
A medium to strong pressure 60 or 90 minute massage that uses intense strokes to improve and tone muscles for better mobility and flexibility.

Swedish | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
A distinctly-European, full body massage that stimulates blood circulation and soothes tense muscles. Medium in pressure, this 60 or 90-minute massage uses a combination of three basic strokes, comprising long firm strokes, kneading strokes and small circular strokes, to relieve stress, to enhance inner spirituality.

Motherhood (For pregnancy) | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
When a gentle touch is called for, this 60 or 90 minute massage is the ideal choice for the care and attention it provides, without compromising on effectiveness and soothing results. 

Thai Classic | 60-minute/90-minute treatment
This classic 60 or 90 minute massage blends subtle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions to stimulate energy flow. The therapist uses traditional Thai techniques, applying deep palm strokes on the back with delicate stretching - the perfect combination to promote deep relaxation while improving flexibility.

Al Wadi Spa features an indulgent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release muscle tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists. Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Back Massage | 30-minute treatment
For those who spend long hours working at the desk or encounter backaches, this 30-minute massage serves as the perfect relief to iron out the tension and pain. Warm Sesame Oil is used in this massage for its soothing and moisturising properties.

Relaxing Foot Massage | 30-minute treatment
A relaxing 30-minute foot massage, with the use of Sesame Oil, concentrating on the pressure points of the foot to help rejuvenate tired, painful muscles from your soles to the tips of your toes.

Head & Shoulders Massage | 30-minute treatment      
Feel the tension and stiffness of the neck and shoulders melt away with this invigorating 30-minute massage that targets tension hot-spots of the neck and shoulders while the head massage alleviates stress and calm your senses. 

A selection of classic therapies specially tailored for ladies and gentlemen.

Egyptian Rituals | 150-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation
This treatment revives the beauty secrets of Egyptian queens. Awaken your body with an invigorating Honey Oatmeal Brightener and a nourishing Aloe Avocado Soother. Complete the pampering with a massage that restores body balance and a soak in the relaxing Honey Milk Bath, inspired by the most ancient beauty tradition from Egypt. 
150-minute treatment includes:
Aloe Avocado Soother • Honey Oatmeal Brightener • Aroma Therapy massage • Honey Milk Bath

Javanese Rituals | 150-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation
Often described as the ‘queen’ of body treatments, the Javanese Rituals has been practised in the palaces of Central Java since the 17th century and is used by Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage. The imperial top to toe treatment will leave you radiant and glowing.
150-minute treatment includes:
Balinese Massage • Turmeric Ginger Purifier • Yoghurt Body Splash • Creamy Honey Enhancer • Floral Bath

Restful Balance | 150-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshment and relaxation
Soothe the tension from your head and calm your mind with a combination of massages and the soothing Shirodhara treatment, extracted from Ayurveda therapy, in which warm oil is poured on your forehead. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). The treatments improve blood circulation to your head, neck and shoulders, while bringing relief to eye strains and tension headache. The special oil used for these treatments has a calming effect on the body. Your skin is cleansed and smoothed with the Lepanam, where a traditional recipe is prepared and applied to the skin before the cleansing Steam Bath.
150-minute treatment includes:
Chakra Head Massage • Ayurvedic Massage • Shirodhara • Lepanam • Steam Bath

Thai Herbal Pouch | 150-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation
A warm Herbal Pouch, consisting of lemongrass, clove powder and coriander seeds, is pressed against the tired body to stimulate blood circulation and relieve aches. A traditional Thai Classic Massage follows to promote deep relaxation while improving flexibility.
150-minute treatment includes:
Steam bath • Herbal Pouch • Thai Classic Massage   

Indulge in our revitalising facial treatments that leave your skin glowing with refreshed vitality. Each facial includes a Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage to surround you in a state of total bliss.

Revitaliser | 90-minute treatment
Revitalises and Smoothens Fine Lines.
This is the ultimate facial indulgence to reduce fine lines and restore luminosity to the skin. A gentle peel containing Glyolic and AHA is applied before a triple facial massage is performed to revitalise and deeply hydrate the skin. A double mask to lighten pigmentation completes the ritual.

Anti-Oxidant |  60-minute treatment
Restores Suppleness and Infuses Skin with Vital Anti-Oxidants.
A revitalising anti-oxidant facial that deeply focuses on protecting the skin from environmental pollutants while providing exceptional firmness. The experience begins with a gentle exfoliation using the Vitamin C micro-granulated scrub before an application of an anti-ageing concentrated pure Vitamin C serum for maximum hydration. A massage with Vitamin C cream enhances clarity and a restoring mask locks in the moisture for an instant glow. 

Soothing | 60-minute treatment
Nurtures, Soothes and Refreshes.
Suitable for the most delicate skin, this hypoallergenic and paraben-free facial effectively nourishes, stimulates, and calms irritated skin with a Tolerance Recovery Cream containing peptide complex. The soothing mask, infused with floral and green tea extracts, balances the skin tone. Complete this unique experience with a light ultra-hydrating fluid which leaves the skin glowing and refreshed.

Renewal | 60-minute treatment
Promotes Skin Renewal and Reduces Fine Lines.
Experience an instant glow with firmer-looking skin after this facial. A rich, nourishing moisturiser containing isoflavones is applied to the face to promote the improvement of skin collagen and renewal of skin cells. A revitalising and firming mask completes the experience.