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Chef Alvin Dela Cruz joins Westend Bistro of The Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C. as Chef de Cuisine at a time when the city is continuously, and rapidly, gaining culinary stature. Since the day Dela Cruz arrived in the city, he has been exploring its hidden savory gems, and visiting local farmer’s markets to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s modern energy, anchored in deep rooted traditions.

Around the District, you can find Dela Cruz experiencing what he loves most about his industry – the dining experience. “My favorite part about what I do is sitting in a fully booked restaurant, eyes closed, hearing the clamor of the open kitchen, listening to the cooks call back orders, the front of the house playing great music, and hearing the laughter of the people around me. Great company and great conversation, that’s a perfect time.”

Dela Cruz makes sure to bring this passion through the dishes he creates and teaches his team an important lesson; “We don’t just serve a meal, we create a lasting memory through the guest’s dining experience.”  

Dela Cruz was Restaurant Chef at The Conservatory of The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay where he fostered his passion for organic, locally grown produce and developed creative, seasonal dishes that showcased his culinary talent.

At Westend Bistro, Dela Cruz looks forward to upholding the restaurant’s strong tradition of refined, skillfully-crafted cuisine, while offering creative new dishes that exhibit his unique strengths, and highlight the tremendous local sources of the D.C. area.