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Let Us Stay With You

The Ritz-Carlton stands ready to create unforgettable moments from some of the world's most treasured destinations. Every day, every guest, is our chance to create a lasting memory.  What will you remember?

A Perfect Proposal in the Park

A young woman is greeted by a host of surprises when she enters The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. Unbeknown to her, the Ladies and Gentlemen were executing a highly coordinated plan for a unique wedding proposal conceived by her boyfriend. The couple was escorted to their room where flowers, champagne and an array of treats awaited them. The surprise of a lifetime was still to come when the guest peered through a telescope in the room, which pointed directly at one of our Gentleman in Central Park holding a handmade sign that read, “Marry me?” She turned around to find her boyfriend on one knee holding a beautiful ring. Truly a dream, perfected.


Magic Lunchbox. New School. Forever Friends.

Two young children staying with their parents at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo were about to start three weeks in a Japanese elementary school. They had never visited the country before and spoke no Japanese, so understandably they were a bit apprehensive. A perceptive Lady at The Ritz-Carlton sensed their nervousness and began to think of a way to help make their first day at school a truly special one. When their mother asked for a container to carry their lunch to school, the Lady saw an opportunity. She went shopping and found proper Japanese lunchboxes for the children, which she filled with stickers and friendship bracelets they could share with their new classmates. Another lovely surprise for the children was a book, which contained a note that told them the story of how the Lady herself felt when Japan was new and unfamiliar to her. When the children returned from school, they eagerly told of sharing their gifts and how they helped turn their schoolmates into new friends.


A 12m Dive to Rescue Memories

An underwater photography hobbyist filled his camera with memories of Al Bustan. On one dive, he lost grip of the camera and watched helplessly as it sank to the bottom of the bay. Two of our determined Gentlemen, who happened to be excellent free divers, took it upon themselves to retrieve the camera. After over an hour of searching, they returned to shore with a fully functional camera, all the memories still intact.


An Impromptu Night at the Ballet

A young girl on vacation with her parents showed a real passion for ballet while participating in children’s activities at the Abama Golf & Spa Resort. Over the week, she developed a friendship with the Activities Director who put in extra time to give the little girl private lessons. On the final evening, the young girl, with the help of our Ladies and Gentlemen, surprised her parents with a solo ballet performance at the Morocco Jazz Club complete with special music and lighting.


An Immovable Feast

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

Two men sat down for a late dinner at the hotel’s Caviarterra restaurant and began to talk, laugh and dine — and eventually, to lose all concept of time. They were still eating at 4 a.m., though the restaurant had closed. No matter: Their server never left their side, even when breakfast service began. The pair finally departed 10 hours after sitting down. As it turns out, they were a father and son who hadn’t seen each other for seven years.   

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The Unforgettable Ride

The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg 

A father and son duo were on an epic journey from Berlin to Paris via bicycle. When they rode up to the Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg, they were greeted with a custom-made finish line to cross and an assortment of ice-cold drinks, towels and refreshments. Our Ladies and Gentlemen had also put together a package of bike-accessible sights coinciding with their route to Paris, along with lunch boxes for the next leg of their trip, and two personalized t-shirts specially made for their journey.  

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Priceless Memento

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

One of our Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman noticed that a guest was checking out on her birthday. To make the guest’s day truly memorable, our Gentleman enlisted the help of one his more artistically-inclined colleagues. Despite only having one day to pull off the surprise, the pair was able to not only create a special birthday cake, but also a hand-painted portrait that captured the guest enjoying a beautiful view of the Caribbean. The guest described it as “one of the best vacations of her life”.

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