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A boy in mid-swing as a tennis ball approaches

Five Tennis Tips from Stan Smith

Tennis players who consistently perform bring more to the court than a killer forehand or serve. Here’s five great tips from tennis legend Stan Smith for raising your game to the next level.


1. What To Look For When Choosing a Tennis Racket

The best thing to do is demo a racket before you buy it. You want to test the weight, grip size, tension, and balance as well as different types of strings; all of which can make a big difference.


2. The Keys To A Good Serve

To have a good serve you need to start with an accurate ball toss. Then the power starts from the legs with a good knee bend; next, a good shoulder turn, relaxed arm, and an explosive extension up at the ball at contact.


3. Easy Fitness Drills To Do Pre/Post A Match

Before the match it is critical to get your body warmed up by doing a little jogging around the court and then stretching all the major muscles. Many players carry bands and hook them to the net post to warm up their shoulder. After the match you need to stretch and cool down. This is a good time to work on range of motion, while your muscles are still warm.


4. Improve Your Mental Game

It is helpful to have a game plan when you walk on the court. This will give you confidence and you will be more decisive while playing. Develop it by watching your future opponent, talk it through with a coach or another player and even write down notes. This will clarify in your mind what you need to do. Having doubt of strategy and tactics will affect your frame of mind and confidence.


5. Improve Your Doubles Match

In doubles it is important to communicate effectively with your partner. Always be positive and encouraging and don't coach your partner. Compliment good shots and say 'it's OK" on bad shots. We all make them. Try different positioning when returning a serve if things aren't going well.



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