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Hotel Stays

As a member, each night you spend with The Ritz-Carlton brings you closer to redeeming points for complimentary hotel stays. You also have the option to combine redemption nights and cash nights within a single reservation of two nights or more.

First, find your hotel tier

To determine the number of points needed for a complimentary night from the chart below, you will need to know the hotel tier, which is based on the location and hotel type. Individual hotel tier information can be found on the Hotel home or information page for your hotel:

  • From the home page of The Ritz-Carlton site, select "Hotels and Resorts"
  • Choose the hotel you are interested in by clicking the name of the hotel on the "Hotels and Resorts" page
  • The tier information can be found on the hotel home page underneath the hotel photo slideshow and reservation section, directly below the introductor paragraph in the following format:
    "[Property name] is a Tier [#] property in The Ritz-Carlton Rewards."

From the tier chart, you may also sort hotels by tier. Simply select a tier and a list of The Ritz-Carlton hotels available within that tier will display.

Then, book your redemption reservation

  • Using the reservations window on each page, enter your information and check “Use Rewards Points”
  • Select “Find”
  • A new page will open that displays the points needed per night within the “Redeem Points” tab
  • Proceed with your redemption reservation, or select “Use cash and points” should you prefer to combine redemption nights and cash nights within your stay

Point values are based on a standard room and may vary by length of stay and hotel category. Learn more about reserving with cash and points, or about room upgrades that may be available for extra points. You may also redeem your points at the Marriott family of 3,600+ participating hotels worldwide.

Standard Hotel Reward
Tier 1
Tier 2 40,000
Tier 3
Tier 4 60,000
Tier 5 70,000
Even redeeming your points can be rewarding.
When you use your points to reserve a five-night stay, the fifth night is complimentary.

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards PointSavers

The journey to complimentary stays is shorter with PointSavers, a valuable program that can save members up to 33% of their points at The Ritz-Carlton destinations worldwide. PointSavers is also accepted at the Marriott family of 3,600+ participating hotels worldwide. Learn more about PointSavers.