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The Eco-Adventure Center inspires guests with Southern California’s unique ecosystems and connects their spirit to their larger global systems. Led by expert naturalists, the Eco-Adventure Center is dedicated to showcasing Southern California’s natural wonders. Throughout these unique excursions, the local surroundings become a natural classroom and living laboratory. Adults, families and kids learn through experience, which instills them with deep appreciation and respect for nature. As well, they will understand how to live more environmentally responsible back home.

Watch a Whale of an Experience as graceful marine mammals glide across the Pacific Ocean. If you would like to make unforgettable memories through Whale Watching or any of the other incredible experiences below, please contact The Eco-Adventure Center at 949-240-5072 for reservations.

Mountains run alongside the ocean


Explore the beautiful Eco-Adventure Garden and search for native birds, bees and butterflies with our expert guides. This special experience is complimentary to in-house guests and reservations are required.

Children exploring tide pools

Explore The Shore

Investigate the vital intertidal zone as we explore the shore. The shoreline is an important ecosystem where the land meets the sea. The amazing creatures that live here have adapted to life in the ever-changing tides.

Festival of Arts Gallery

Eco Artist

In collaboration with renowned marine life artist Wyland, view a screening of Wyland’s documentary, “A Brush with Giants,” to discover the vast size difference from the smallest plankton to the giant blue whale. Then find your inner Van Gogh and sculpt a smiling dolphin, paint a sunset, create silhouetted marine life or decorate your own “official Eco Artist” frame.

SANDsational Sea Hike

Investigate the local foliage and wildlife of the Dana Point Headlands and learn how they have adapted to life on the ever-changing coast. Accompanied by marine biologists, you will learn about kelp forest ecology.

Beach Banzai Enhance your body boarding skills at salt creek beach. Learn how waves are created. Study the effects of a rip current. Discover the longshore drift. Then catch a wave and have fun body boarding.