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Shanghai, China – July, 2018 – The Gibson, named after the classic Dry Martini variation born in 1908, was  opened two years ago and rated #6 in World’s 50 Best Bars list in its first year as the winner of “Best New Entry”. With its prohibition-themed decor, welcome vibe and innovative cocktails, The Gibson has become a worldwide acclaimed bar housed in an Edwardian-listed building in London. This July, The Gibson will arrive in Shanghai and feature its pop up bar at The Ritz Bar & Lounge in The Portman Ritz-Carlton as part of the hotel’s Movers & Shakers guest bartending series.

Mixologist Marian Beke, who is the owner of The Gibson and keen to experiment with seasonal ingredients and kitchen techniques, will be presenting a list of eight cocktails from his high-concept menu from 26 to 31 July, 2018, along with Tony Pescatori, bar manager of Nightjar. With his unique exploratory approach to taste and extravagant garnishes, cocktail connoisseurs will sink into the world of the senses and experience a new inspiration with intriguing twist.

Marian Beke’s cocktail menu for the pop up bar:


Elderberry infused gin, Jagermeister, carnelian cherry juice, marigold liqueur, fresh lemon and orange, Lucano Nocino, chocolate wine, lingonberry jam

The Gibson Martini

(A la Charles Dana Gibson 1908)

Gin, Gibson pickle spice dry vermouth, The Gibson double pickled onion, pickled spices and lemon zest

Electric Earl

 Sansho and sichuan pepper infused gin, fresh lime, fresh pink grapefruit, electric bitters, Lady Grey infused kumquat liquor, The Gibson citrus grass cordial, electric flower and shiso

Voodoo Lady

Raspberry eau de vie, cuberdon infused gin, aperitif, lemon, fresh egg white, orange bitters,

white and black mulberries

To Bee or not to Bee

Flavor gin, propolis, golden baby beetroot juice, bee bread syrup, bees wax, fennel pollen,

tansy liqueur, half lemon

Great Japito

Gin with candied melon grind, tonka bean aperitivo, shiso, marjoram, fizzy hibiscus aloe and chardonnay soda, cholula sauce, tamarillo fruit puree, lime, agave


Gin, rakomelo, salty caramel custard, gun powder tea, honey dew melon, fig balsamic glaze, spicy raspberry and champagne coulis, lemon, sugar

The Lilac Side

Gin, pandan matcha, fresh pandan leafs, ginger beer, coconut whey, oat grass, green apple skin syrup,whole lemon, wheat grass and mangetout

Date/Time: 26-31 July, 2018, 7pm – 12am, at The Ritz Bar & Lounge

Prices: From RMB 98+ / cocktail, subject to 15% service charge

About Marian Beke

Marian Beke, born in Slovakia, has been in bartending for over 13 years. With his unbounded knowledge of cocktails and extravagant garnished, Beke first made an impression in the bar scene as the bar manager of Nightjar, which he helped attain accolades of 2nd Best Bar in the World by Drinks International, World’s Best Cocktail Menu by Tales of the Cocktail. In 2016, Beke opened his own bar called The Gibson, in London’s Old Street, and curated a high-concept menu by adopting unique seasonal ingredients and kitchen techniques. Within weeks of opening, The Gibson earned its spot at No.6 in World’s 50 Best Bars list. Bagging numerous awards titles, Beke has become an educator in bartending, conducting seminars, trainings and masterclasses around the world.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact +86 21 6279 8888 *5976 or email