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Planning Your Trip

From towering skyscrapers and exceptional luxury shopping to adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure and fascinating historic sites, there is so much to do in Dubai. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, here’s what to pack to make the most of your visit.  

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Business Travel

As the Middle East’s global business hub, Dubai is at the epicenter of the world market. If it’s work that’s bringing you to the United Arab Emirates’ biggest city, pack the following essentials.  



  • Even in the sweltering summer heat, men are expected to wear formal business suits and a tie.
  • Women should dress conservatively — jackets and trousers are fail-safe and short skirts or low necklines should be avoided.
  • Your business cards should be a part of your uniform. Always carry them with you whenever you go to a meeting.
Aerial view of Dubai’s skyline at sunset, including skyscrapers, neon roads and the harbor

Exploring the City

There is such a wide range of activities to enjoy in Dubai that packing for everything can be a bit of a puzzle. Here are a few must-have items.




  • Jeans are worn around the city, but with the high temperatures, it is generally more comfortable to wear trousers that are lighter weight.
  • Thinking of heading to the beach? Bring a pair of flip-flops. They also wouldn’t be out of place if you chose to wear them while wandering the city.
  • Dubai is famous for its vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of restaurants and clubs, so consider packing a few dressier outfits — think smart slacks and dressier shirts for men and Western-style attire for women. Note that when getting to and from the club, women should consider wearing a pashmina to cover exposed shoulders or lower necklines.

Cultural Considerations

Dubai has a dress code based on respect for the culture and religion of the UAE. Everything from shoulders to knees should be covered in public areas such as malls, markets, cinemas or walking around outside.


  • Women should wear modest clothing like trousers or longer skirts and shirts that cover the shoulders and upper arms. Avoid anything low-cut or midriff bearing.
  • At the pool or beach it is appropriate to wear a swimsuit or bikini, but women will need to put on a cover-up when going to and from their destination.
  • A lightweight shawl is a good versatile item to have, particularly if you decide to visit one of the mosques, as women will be required to cover their heads.  

Don't Forget:

While temperatures are high, particularly in summer, air conditioning is plentiful. Bring a lightweight layer to ward off any chill when you come in from the heat outdoors.

The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC is ideally situated in Dubai’s most vibrant district for dining, nightlife, shopping and the arts, as well as close to some incredible outdoor excursions. Though for those looking to relax without ever leaving the property, there are ample opportunities for enjoyment at the fantastic restaurants and the spa. Make a few arrangements in advance to make the most of your visit.

Outdoor Excursions

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Connect with the concierge to assist in arranging some special adventures like a show cruise to explore the city from the sea; or stay for a romantic dinner on the water. Book a round at the Middle East’s first all-grass championship golf course and consider playing after the sun goes down — it’s the only course to offer night golf. For something a bit more active, dune bashing or going on a desert safari is an exciting way to spend an afternoon. If the desert is calling you, consider spending the night stargazing from a sand dune. If you’re looking for a truly unique way to beat the heat, head to the Mall of the Emirates, where you can go skiing indoors and meet little penguins.  


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There’s quite a vibrant dining and clubbing scene in Dubai, with DJs flocking to the city from around the globe to perform. But in addition, art lovers should make a point of taking advantage of the wide variety of performing arts in the city. La Perle by Dragone is a performance featuring 65 artists acting and performing acrobatics as well as aquatic and aerial stunts. For more traditional offerings, the stunning, modern Dubai Opera offers opera, musicals, ballets and theater throughout the year.   

Spa Appointments

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Escape the bustle of the city with a rejuvenating experience at the spa. Book one of the signature treatments like the Maroc Maroc Massage, which includes a black soap full-body exfoliation, application of body balm, massage and a scalp massage using argan oil. Or try the Desert Reviver, a full-body sand exfoliation followed by a hot stone massage and concluded with a cooling body moisturizer. Arrange to arrive early to the spa to take advantage of the steam rooms and, after your appointment, linger in the sumptuous relaxation room.  

Dining Reservations

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Enjoy some of the best cuisine Dubai has to offer by arranging for tables at some of the exclusive restaurants at the hotel. Center Cut offers the finest cuts of U.S. and Australian beef and a premium wine selection. Le Cirque Dubai — the Middle Eastern offshoot of the famed New York eatery — offers French cuisine with an Italian flair. Café Belge takes its inspiration from 1920s Brussels with dishes like moules served with frites and Belgian mayonnaise, chicken vol-au-vent and fresh oysters. To cap off the evening, reserve a table in the Sunken Garden for modern Arabic tapas, drinks and the best shisha in town with more than 30 flavors on offer.   

A futuristic metropolis built within the Arabian Desert, Dubai is a city like no other. While the glittering skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls and endless options of world-class cuisine are the main attractions, there’s also another side of Dubai — one that embraces the region’s heritage, tradition and history. Whether it’s exploring the old-world gold and spice souks, zooming to the top of the world’s tallest building or discovering its burgeoning art scene, it’s well worth your time to explore all the sides to this city, so you can see where it came from and where it’s going.

Aerial view of Dubai’s skyline at sunset, including skyscrapers, neon roads and the harbor

Culinary Tour

From its glittering skyscrapers to resort-like malls, everything in Dubai is done to the extreme — and the city’s gastronomy is no exception. Meals are often lavish affairs, where diners enjoy a decadent spread of food over a few hours. But beyond the glitz and glamour of four-star dining and high-end restaurants lies a city that’s proud of its culinary heritage, with plenty of authentic and diverse fare to be found. 


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Skyline view of Dubai at daytime with a skyscraper in the center towering over smaller skyscrapers

12 Hours In

One day in Dubai may not be much time, but it’s enough to get a taste of everything this city has to offer. This ever-evolving metropolis always has an eye toward the future — what’s bigger, better and faster. But don’t judge a city solely on its glittering skyscrapers and man-made islands, because behind Dubai’s shiny veneer is a culture built on tradition, heritage and history. 



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