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Cultural Treasures

The cultural history of Russia has flowed through painters, writers and poets, who all sought to create epic masterpieces honoring it. And it’s fair to say that Moscow is at the center of it, from the days of nobility to the times of revolutionaries. Spend several days exploring the past and the present of the capital city through squares, museums, churches and restaurants.




  • Lenin’s Tomb.

    Start your time in Moscow by visiting the mausoleum that holds Vladimir Lenin. Considered a triumph of Soviet architecture, the structure went through several wooden iterations before the current stone one, which was built around 1930. Admission is limited to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so plan on arriving early to secure your entry.

  • Red Square.

    There is no more iconic spot in Moscow than Red Square, a cobblestone-paved rectangle flanked by important and stunning architecture (including Lenin’s Tomb.) The
    square is closed to traffic, so stroll with the other pedestrians filling the space to admire the buildings and soak up the atmosphere of the city.

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral.

    The famed cathedral on the southern end of the square is considered to be the culmination of a fantastical Russian architectural style. Commissioned by Ivan the Terrible in the mid-1500s, the church is made up of nine main chapels in an organized pattern under the famous domes.

  • Bosco Café.

    Dine in Old World elegance at the restaurant inside GUM, the famous Russian department store. The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, and there is no better way to unwind at the end of your meal than with their beloved cappuccino out on the scenic terrace in warm weather.

  • Shop On.

    Shopping at GUM is a must, not only for the quality of merchandise inside (top luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior can be found there) but also for its beautiful architecture dating back to 1812. The store also acts as a cultural institution, hosting art and photo exhibits along with participating as a venue for the Chereshneviy Les arts festival.

  • Vodka Tasting.

    The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow presents a unique experience to guests with its three-step vodka tasting. Start with an introduction from the vodka sommelier, who will explain the differences between each type of vodka. From there, you can taste three types of premium Russian vodka, followed by zakuski, a tasting of Russian dishes in miniature form. It’s a perfect start to your meal.

  • Dinner at 02 Lounge.

    Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at O2 lounge on the rooftop of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. The landmark restaurant and bar offers spectacular views of the city, including over Red Square and the Kremlin. House-made cocktail ingredients reflect the Russian palate, or you can go bold with a truffle tincture or gold-plated leaves on your drinks for a night to remember.




  • Breakfast at Café Russe.

    Indulge in a lavish first meal that combines the best of Russian cuisine with a world-class steakhouse. The breakfast spread at Café Russe will leave you fueled up for the day ahead.

  • Gorky Park.

    Spend time with the locals in this historic park, which is divided into two major sections. The first section is primarily formal gardens and woods, combining the former Golitsynskiy and Neskuchniy Gardens, along with a large outdoor theater. The other part of the park is heavy on family-friendly activities, from amusement park rides to boats and horseback rides for hire.

  • Garage Museum.

    Designed by internationally renowned architecture firm OMA, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is the brainchild of Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich, who wanted to create a public archive for the development of Russian art from the 1950s to the present. Exhibitions feature international artists such as Takashi Murakami and Urs Fischer.

  • Dinner at Bolshoi.

    The interior of this French-Russian restaurant is reminiscent of an art gallery — even the food is well designed. Dine on dishes like Grilled Scallops with Sweet Corn Puree and Veal Stuffed Cabbage, paired with a wine from the massive wine cellar in the basement.

  • Night at the Ballet.

    The Bolshoi Theatre occupies a mythic place in Russian culture, and the ballet is internationally renowned for the quality of its dancers. Founded in 1776, the Bolshoi is one of the world’s oldest ballet companies and still produces lavish productions today.



  • Caviar Facial.

    While caviar is one of Russia’s signature foods, it’s also an ingredient used by luxury skin-care brand La Prairie. The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Moscow is the first in Russia to collaborate with La Prairie, and that means you can start your day with a Caviar Lifting and Firming Facial, which
    instantly lifts and firms the skin (available as 60 or 90 minutes).

  • Art Museum.

    The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has the largest collection of European art in Moscow, with a collection that includes almost 5,000 paintings and over 370,000 drawings. There are also rotating exhibits. A must-visit for art lovers.

  • Friends Forever.

    Take a break at this dessert-focused café, which offers a variety of cookies, cakes and berry parfaits. Settle in with a coffee and a large slice of layer cake for a relaxing stop in your day.

  • Tverskoy Boulevard.

    Walk off your sweets with a stroll down Tverskoy Boulevard, one of the oldest and longest boulevards in central Moscow. Originally a favorite of the nobility, locals take to it for jogging, playing and relaxing.

  • Café Pushkin.

    An elegant and refined favorite in Moscow for almost 20 years, Café Pushkin takes its name from the lyrics of the famous Gilbert Bécaud song “Nathalie.” The menu offers
    the best of a Franco-Russian cuisine blend, with a different offering for each of the main serving areas. If the weather is nice, enjoy your dinner on the Summer Terrace, which affords you a view of the Pushkin Statue on Pushkin Square.