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“Each big city has a place that embodies its soul and energy. In Moscow it is fascinating Red Square and historical area which surrounds it. There’s no better way to enjoy panoramic views of this stunning architectural ensemble than from the O2 Lounge & Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. After the complete renovation of this landmark venue, this feast for the eyes can be complemented with a feast for the palate: a selection of sophisticated, house-mixed cocktails that revolutionise the Moscow bar scene.”

A large base of house-made ingredients is used to reflect the Russian palette like the signature Russky Bitters, saturated with herbs & spices, gin infused with the Russian Caravan tea blend, rosemary honey, cherry compote, and more. Other ingredients such as truffle tincture or gold plated leaves add a luxurious dimension to cocktails inspired by Imperial Russia. Mixologists concoct their masterpieces from a wide variety of spirits, including the finest single malts, cognacs, gins, rums and polugar, a traditional Russian liquor. It is a fascinating way to travel into the world of Russian culture whilst still keeping a global perspective. The O2 Lounge is a unique and breath taking experience, offering luxury seafood, Kremlin views and live entertainment. This inventive new culinary and bar experience, presented against Moscow’s striking urban backdrop, is sure to offer O2 diners a moment to remember.

Menu (PDF)