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Meeting offer at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

Moscow – May 20, 2019 – The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow introduces a new Russian themed tea ceremony which aims to unite the cultural heritage of Russia with the modern world of business through the embodiment of local folk arts and crafts.  

The introduction to Russian hospitality traditions will begin from your arrival to your event. Accompanied by a culturally important musical instrument “Balalaika”, Ladies in national costume and colorful headdress “Kokoshnik” will greet guests with freshly-baked bread and salt according to the old-fashioned Welcome Ceremony. Since olden times, bread represented prosperity and wealth, whilst salt protected against hostile charms and evil forces.

Guests will savour different local delights such as patty with sturgeon, pies with various fillings, blinis, pastries with cottage cheese, bread rolls and much more. All dishes are served in traditional porcelain with a cobalt painting, well-known as Gzhel, provided by Gzhel Porcelain Factory. Each piece is handcrafted, some ornaments are represented by nature such as wheat ears, birds, wildflowers, whilst others are inspired by contemporary geometric patterns.

Initially, Gzhel used to be multicolored reflecting the wealth and magnificence of Tsarist Russia. Only after the revolution, masters began to use the cobalt blue which is now the signature of Gzhel on white background.

As for beverages, guests will find the traditional juice “Mors” made from wild berries as well as “Sbiten” with honey and spices. Herbal Ivan-Tea which abroad is called “Russian Tea” will also be available. Rich in beneficial properties, it earned popularity across the whole country: from lower classes to higher and Tsar families. According to the best local traditions, the tea will be served from a samovar with gingerbread and various delicacies.

The world of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow enlivens the senses. Explore the Russian culture and traditions with us whilst our highly-experienced Banqueting and Culinary teams take care of your event from the detailed planning to the perfect execution, whether it is a business meeting, large conference, corporate celebration or presentation of a new product.