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Club Level

Club Level Priorities

The Ritz-Carlton Club® Level is a special floor with distinctive amenities including a separate lounge area.

  • Relaxation on or inside a summer terrace featuring panoramic views 
  • Five food and beverage presentations throughout the day
  • Selections of wines, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day
  • Personal check-in and check-out services 
  • Dedicated concierge staff for your convenience 
  • Preferred reservations in hotel’s spa, bars and restaurants 
  • Complimentary meeting room usage for one hour with advanced reservation 

Get the most of your Moscow visit and upgrade your room to Club Level at the Front Desk.

For more information and immediate upgrade contact us by email or by phone +74952258888 (ext. 7142) with your reservation and contact details.

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow Club® Level

Located just off Red Square next to the Kremlin and in the heart of Moscow’s cultural and business district, The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow offers luxury accommodations designed to anticipate every need and desire with gracious amenities and impeccable service.

The hotel invites the guests, who are seeking for privacy and intimacy, to experience the uniqueness of The Ritz-Carlton Club, which combines intimacy, comfort and exclusivity with the personalized service and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of The Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz-Carlton Club Level, located in the 10th and 11th floor, is often referred as a “hotel within a hotel”, where a dedicated Concierge attends to individual needs in a well-appointed, relaxed lounge environment. Our Club Lounge is perfectly located on the 11th floor with panoramic views of The Red Square, Kremlin and Cathedral of Christ the Savior and offers distinctive Club Lounge amenities.

Enjoy the stunning views from the best Moscow terrace. Located in the 11th floor of the building the Ritz-Carlton Club floor invites you to enjoy the opulent atmosphere of the Club lounge with large windows and terrace overlooking Red Square.

Experience extended food presentation prepared with local products all day long. The menu is created and updated on the regular basis by our Executive Chef and includes international as well as local dishes.  

The wine list for our Club Lounge has been extended to now include local wines. You can discover Russia from a different perspective, as Russian vineyards offer a wide variety of sophisticated wines, which have a huge potential for the future.

As a special promotion of unequalled spa - The Ritz-Carlton Spa, we are pleased to offer you 15-minute- shoulder massage several times per week. You do not need to leave The Club Lounge, our therapists come there to help you to unbrace your muscles after a tiring working day.

A group of six guests from South Africa visited the Club Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. On their first evening at the hotel, Club Lounge Food and Beverage Supervisor Vladimir welcomed the group and offered them a table with a panoramic view of two Moscow landmarks: the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. They began to order drinks, specifying to Vladimir that they wanted Russian vodka. Vladimir served them Russian Standard Original, explaining to the guests its history and then offered them a variety of traditional Russian snacks.

The next morning, Club Lounge Waiter Nurken, who had quite of bit experience with South African culture, welcomed the guests with a common South African greeting: a three-phase handshake. The guests were delighted by the unexpected beginning to their day and even jokingly complained that they could not remain in the Club Lounge all day. Concierge Natalia engaged with one of the guests who told her the group would be going on a day-long trip into the outskirts of the city. Knowing they would be in a remote area, Natalia made up a detailed map of restaurants and cafes in that area so they would feel a little bit more knowledgeable about the area.

Club Lounge Food and Beverage Supervisor Tatyana and Club Lounge Attendant Elena, who had already become friends with the guests the previous day, were slightly concerned that the guests would have trouble ordering at the restaurant they had chosen based off of Natalia’s suggestions. Tatyana and Elena surprised the guests when they arrived at the restaurant, explaining to the staff that they would help the guests to read the menu and order their food. After the wonderful dinner, Tatyana and Elena escorted the guests to a nearby park for a long walk.

The guests were very touched to be so well cared for by the Ladies and Gentlemen, that they wrote a sincere letter of thanks expressing how they had made them feel at home in Moscow, just as if they were at home in South Africa. On their last day, the Club Lounge team presented the guests with matryoshkas (Russian dolls), candies and postcards and wished them a safe journey home.

A young couple came to stay at The Ritz Carlton, Moscow to celebrate New Year's Eve. They were very excited, because it was their first visit to Moscow, and had been looking forward to it for a long time.

This couple checked in to one of the Club Rooms, planning to hear the ringing bells and admire the beauty of the fireworks from the Club Lounge. They were very disappointed to learn that the Club Lounge would be closed New Year`s Eve night, and all tables in Café Russe and in the O2 Lounge had been already been booked.

Our Club Lounge attendant Nikolaeva Ulyana decided to change her plans and stay especially for them, even though the Club Lounge was closed. The open terrace did not have enough New Year`s magic for Ulyana so she prepared a New Year's Eve celebration table with fruit and champagne. Club Concierge Kucherova Evgenia alerted guests, that there would be a surprise for them in their room at 23:45- an invitation to celebrate the New Year at a “dream- location”.

At the appointed time, Ulyana escorted the guests to the Club Lounge. After the president`s speech, which Ulyana translated word by word, the guests were escorted onto the terrace to admire the fireworks, to hear the bells chiming and toast to the New Year live from the best possible location.

The guests were so touched by this surprise: “ It was the most unexpected and memorable surprise that we have ever received. The photos, from that night will be a wonderful memento of “The Ritz Carlton Mystique’'.