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Falconry — the pursuit of wild game in its natural habitat, using a trained bird of prey — is one of the world’s oldest traditions, and a closer look at this intriguing ancient practice has now come to Grande Lakes Orlando for our guests to experience. With our resort situated on over 500 acres of the most enchanting natural surroundings found in Florida, the opportunity to participate in a Falconry class is an exciting new addition to our ecological and outdoor activities.

Guests may choose from two different Falconry experiences:

Falconry School
An introduction to the ancient art of Falconry, participants learn about the history of the sport, rules and regulations, traditional and modern equipment, species identification, biology, training, and historical applications. There is light audience interaction during these sessions and participants can hold the birds for photos. Depending upon class size, these sessions typically last one hour.

$250/person up to 5 people
$1,500 for groups of 6-50 people

Walk with a Hawk

Following a short introduction about Falconry, participants are taken to the field for actual interaction with the bird. The birds will follow attendees in the trees and then fly down when called. This experience affords plenty of photo and video moments of interactions while you practice being the Falconer! This activity is limited to smaller groups or individuals and typically lasts about an hour to an hour and a half depending upon group size. Please note, participants are required to wear long pants and closed toe shoes/hiking boots. Please ensure clothing does not have real or faux fur. Hats are also encouraged.


During the spring and summer months, early morning classes are highly recommended. While we do our best to maintain the allotted timing of 1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions, sometimes these activities will run longer due to participant interaction (photos, questions, etc.). We try to continue the session until everyone is completely delighted with their experience.