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The philosophy of meeting in Bali is gathering in a place called “Bale Banjar”. Neighbors bound to assist one another in any field of work. Traditionally it is called “Gotong Royong”, a strong social commitment that helps people connecting and participating in the activities within their local community.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Bali we embody these local traditions and let those inspires our meeting offerings. Our catering team has crafted Balinese inspired coffee breaks and lunch that will enhance your culinary adventure through local sweets, savory snacks, and drinks such as Fruit Market Break, Balinese Sweet Market, and Balinese Warung Lunch. For an impeccable closing of your meeting and to leave a memorable feeling of Bali, you can opt for an Indian Ocean Dinner, which will introduce your delegates to an evening of relaxed, shoeless, under-the-stars atmosphere created by Balinese inspired decorations, attractive entertainment, and distinctive menus. A truly festive and evocative native atmosphere.

Starting at USD185

For further information kindly contact our group coordinator

Terms & Conditions: Price is per person and applicable for a minimum of 100 persons and above; price is exclusive of 21% government tax and service charge; price is exclusive of decoration, additional decoration fee will be based on client’s need.

Brochure (PDF)

We present the island’s freshest harvest from the garden to your table, uniquely prepared to delight your appetite.

Dry Mango Chocolate stick
Mango Salad in Banana Leave
Mango Juice chia seed

Slice Watermelon
Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Salad, Kintamani Lime in Banana Leave

Papaya Juice
Dry Papaya
Rujak Papaya with Tamarind

Bali Young Coconut Water
Kue Putu Kelapa
Fresh Coconut Meat, passion fruit, Kemangi Leave

Pisang Rai
Bali Palm Sugar Glazed Banana
Grilled Banana, shredded cheese

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit Salad, Bali Honey
Coconut Coated Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit Dodol

Introducing the famous traditional refreshment from different parts of the island.


Palm sugar cake

Kue lumpur
Coconut “mud” cake

Banana steam cake

Sticky Rice Cake

Kue mangkok
Fermented Cassava cake

An outdoor setting in a street-food market concept, providing the opportunity to sample various local dishes. Rich in flavor and spices it is served in individual traditional food carts, freshly made on the spot to amuse your culinary adventure

Onde onde
Sesame seeds cake

Asinan Bogor
Bogor Fruit Pickles, Papaya, Pineapple Jicama, Nut, Chili Vinegar Sauce

Gado Gado
Sundanese Salad, Mixed Vegetable Bean Curd, Bean Cake, Boiled Egg, Spiced Peanut Sauce

Soto Ayam
Clear Chicken Soup, Shredded Chicken, Glass Noodle, Boiled Egg, Chinese Celedri, Fried Shallot

Lontong Sayur
Pressed Rice, Boiled Egg, Chayote, Fried shallot, Coconut Gravy

Steamed Siomay, Fish Stuffed Bean Curd,Boiled Egg, Boiled Potato, Peanut Sauce

Nasi Goreng
Wok-seared Fried Rice, Seafood

Mie Goreng
Fried Egg Noodle, Chicken, and Beaten Egg

Mie Ayam
Braised Noodle, Mushroom, Spiced Chicken, Cai Sim, Broth

Nasi Uduk
Javanese Coconut Milk Rice, Assorted Condiments

Sate Campur
Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb Satay

Mix Meat Ball, Glass Noodle, Cabbage, Fried Tofu, Fired Wonton


Es Kacang Merah + Rumput Laut
Mixed Fruit, Fresh Seaweed, Syrup, Red Bean

Es Dawet
Rice Flour Jelly, Coconut Milk, Palm Sugar Syrup

Godoh Campur
Banana, Apple, Jackfruit and Fermented Cassava Fritters

Es Lilin
Indonesian Flavor Popsicle

Jajan Bali
Assorted Balinese Sweet, Coconut Grated, Palm Sugar Syrup