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The Bar is the ideal classic bar to enjoy a signature cocktail and selection of Awamori, Okinawa’s own liqueur. The Bar also offers counter seats, table seats, and private room, so that guests can use the space based on its scenes. Guests can also enjoy the selection of cigars to indulge in moments of timeless pleasure for the special nights with us. 

Awamori Selections 

Awamori is the most famous liquor in Okinawa. When awamori is aged for three years or more in the kame (earthenware pot) or other containers, it is called “KUSU” – the vintage liquor. The bar offers more than 20 different kinds of awamori in kame as well as cocktails using awamori. Try our “Sima High Ball” - one of the signature cocktails mixed with awamori, Shikwasa, a local citrus fruit and brown sugar. 


Hotel Wing, 4th Floor 

Seats: 39 Seats 
Operating Hours:  Monday to Thursday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Friday to Sunday: 7:00pm - 1:00am